The Best Blouses: Our Editor's Picks of the Most Stylish Wedding Blouses

Printed, embellished, minimal, and more—these are Brides Today Digital Editor Nandini Bhalla's top blouse picks for the wedding season.

Nandini Bhalla
Much of the Indianwear I own and wear is centered around the blouse. Last year, while navigating Delhi's 'wedding season', my favourite was a red, foil-print blouse by designer Manika Nanda, which I wore with two different saris, and one flared skirt. Circa 2019, I focused my outfit around a pink Abhishek Mishra blouse, with golden scallops decorating its edges (I teamed it with an incomplex, black skirt). I enjoy the versatility that comes with a beautifully constructed blouse; and along with it, an opportunity to partake in the 'repeat-chic' movement (one, I hope, will stay with us forever). And so, it is with indubitable enthusiasm that I encourage friends to spend a little extra time and effort on finding the perfect blouse. One that sits beautifully on the shoulders and lifts the bust. One that hugs the curves, without drawing emphasis to a stomach that may have over-indulged in gulab jamuns. A delightfully designed blouse—my personal preference is one that also comes in a striking print or carefully placed embellishments—doesn't need much else to make it work. If you opt for a patterned piece, such as the ones seen at Payal Singhal and Jayanti Reddy, you'll find that a plain lehenga-skirt or sari makes for a very effective pairing. Similarly, simpler blouses such as the (very sexy) ones by Reynu Taandon work as an eager canvas, waiting to be introduced to a heavily embellished partner. I'd also like to make a case for teaming a sexy blouse with a blazer—a chic, modern take on festive dressing. My prized team, however, is a V-neck blouse—austere or not—worn with a striking choker. The perfect way to pull together a special-day outfit, you'll agree. Whatever your leaning, I'm certain you'll find a blouse to fall in love with—these runway pieces have been hand-picked for every occasion and style inclination."
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    Kavita Agarwal

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    Kavita Agarwal

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    Reynu Taandon 

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    Reynu Taandon 

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    Reynu Taandon 

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    Gaurav Gupta 

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    Manish Malhotra 

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    Payal Singhal

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    Amit Aggarwal 

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    Jayanti Reddy

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    Ridhi Mehra 

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    Arpita Mehta 

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    Anushree Reddy

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    431-88 Shweta Kapoor 

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    Rajdeep Ranawat

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    Kraft Corridor 

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    Kraft Corridor 

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    Prreeti Jaiin Nainutai

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    Simmi Saboo

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