Meet The Gaurav Gupta Brides

Showcasing a heady mix of art and couture, the master couturier shares his sartorial vision for nine brides.

Arpita Kala
Sculptural,avant-garde and absolutely gorgeous – designer Gaurav Gupta's brand of couture is often touted as such. The couturier introduces us to brides who opted for his futuristic, form-defying and artistic designs for their D-day.
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    "Sherry is one of my most favourite brides. Initially, she had two key words in mind when it came to her outfit-lace and white. We instantly knew that we had to custom curate a garment that incorporated the likes of our Parsi bride. We then birthed a hybrid silhouette–a multi-layered ivory saree-lehenga-gown, with a draped shoulder, adorned with intricate lace and fine pearls," says Gaurav.

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    "When I first met Veena, I thought that her South-Indian nuptials would be quite minimalistic and classic. To my surprise, it was interesting to see how she was eager to be experimental. It is amazing to witness brides pushing the envelope of wedding couture in every way possible. This marvelous sculpted creation was in fact a byproduct of that cultural-shift," he says.

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    "The story of Ayesha Amin Nigam's exquisite wedding outfit began last year. She came to us with a clear idea of what she wanted for her 'White Summer Wedding' and we knew we had our work cut out for us. As an extremely elegant, fun, bright and practical woman who treasured the importance of her individuality, Ayesha's wedding dress was faithful to this image."

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    "We custom-made a meticulously hand embroidered bodysuit for her that she paired with a multilayered organza skirt and later changed into a pair of white trousers and a cape. Her outfit fused Indian craft inspiration with the Art Nouveau aesthetic for a result that is both definitively contemporary, timeless and versatile," says Gaurav.

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    "Soul mates, lovers and finally, husband and wife. It was an absolute pleasure to transform Sonia and Paul for their wedding day. It was a typical London wedding for these Londoners! While Sonia opted for a classic Teal Embroidered Saree Gown, Paul wore a Floral Appliqué Velvet Tuxedo."

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    "It was interesting to see this full-of-life bride, Trisha, who wanted to go a little 'Extra' for her wedding and why not, right? She knew she wanted different looks for each of her smaller functions too! This was her 'Varmala' outfit. We custom-made this endless ruffled organza dégradé lehenga in shades of fuchsia."

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    "Tanya was always of the view that she didn’t want a conventional outfit. It had to be a mix of tradition and high fashion. I knew that her outfit had to be contemporary yet functional. This Prism Stellar Crystal Lehenga was given a light detachable bustle over the skirt to add the right amount of grandeur for the occasion, this can easily come off towards the evening for her to dance the night away!"

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    Bride Sheila and groom Sachin opted for Gaurav Gupta creations for their reception in New York. While she is wearing the Ivory Brushstroke Sculpted Blouse with a cascading skirt, the groom is wearing the Midnight Blue Peak Collar Tuxedo. 

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    The couple says, “Our journey with Gaurav Gupta began in November of last year. I found a confidant in Gaurav Gupta (GG), an amazing individual to work with, who transformed our dreams into reality! The initial process started with multiple sketches and a one-on-one consultation with GG himself. This journey was informative as we became versed with the intricacy that goes behind the make of wedding couture. It was GG’s team and his constant effort of making sure that we went smoothly through fittings and customizations, to achieve the perfect look and translate our story of love into a memory that we will cherish for a lifetime.” 

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    For her nuptials, bride Aanchal Saraf wore two custom-made creations by the designer.
    "She opted for the Endless Ruffled Organza Dégradé Ball Gown in Shades of Red for her wedding reception in Monte Carlo. Using tone-on-tone inlays of organza, the voluminous ball gown was composed of a sleek bodice and a timeless yet dramatic silhouette," he says.

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    Gaurav says, "For me this piece signifies a wearable piece of art and Aanchal did not shy away from experimenting with her cocktail outfit with this Satin Sculpture Gown in shades of Blush and Violets. When it came to the dress that Aanchal wore to the evening festivities, we wanted to give her a more leg-liberating outfit, allowing the bride to move freely and dance throughout the night!"

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    Summiyya Patni chose a gorgeous light blue Gaurav Gupta outfit for her pastel themed wedding.  

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