Meet The Falguni Shane Peacock Brides

The design duo infuses high octane glamour with timeless traditions and a dash of rock n' roll to bring alive their bridal sartorial vision.

Arpita Kala
For the rock n' roll bride, the atelier of Falguni Shane Peacock is the place to realise their wedding couture dreams. From ornate gilded lehengas to matching ivory and beige couple sherwanis, their creative repertoire is all about pushing the envelope on bridal couture. Undaunted, fabulously chic and contemporary - here are the brides who opted for the design duo's gorgeous designs for their D-day.
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    Daniel C Bauer and Tyrone Braganza
    "Can we begin by saying that Daniel and Tyrone are the two of the sweetest people ever?! Dressing both of them for their Indian wedding ceremony was as smooth as it could get. We suggested them sherwanis in soft hues of ivory and beige that would complement the theme of their wedding," say Falguni and Shane. 

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    "But it wasn’t just the sherwanis that we did for them. We put together their complete look which was replete with the dupattas, the safas (turbans) and even their shoes that matched their ensembles. It was really exciting for us to create an entire look for them, instead of just doing their outfits. Rarely do we get to do it but when we did, it turned out to be a fun process with the couple!"

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    Priyanka Parkash
    "It was super fun dressing up Priyanka for her wedding! I think we loved how she trusted us completely and let us take the reign for her outfits. I remember her telling us to do whatever we wanted to and thought that would work the best for her. When a bride gives you that kind of liberty, you just want to go all out in getting her to try the best of ensembles depending upon the occasion."

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    "Priyanka chose to wear a golden lehenga for her cocktail party and an ivory lehenga for the reception. The golden outfit was something that she had always had her eye on. We customized the outfit according to the way she wanted it and needless to say, she looked stunning in it. The reception outfit which was the ivory lehenga which was something that Shane had suggested her. She was initially sceptical about donning an outfit in ivory but the moment she saw it, she gasped and got emotional about how beautiful she found it to be. These are the moments, that we as designers live for!"

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    Candice Pinto
    "Imagine a get-together of the bride and her bridesmaids and us, where we all are invested in the process of designing the bridal ensemble and the bridesmaids’ dresses. That was exactly how it was with Candice and her bridesmaids. We were chatting at length about what Candice and her friends wanted, while throwing in a suggestion or two, here and there. It was one of the most engaging designing processes that we were a part of."

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    "We spent time going through every little detail that they wanted right from the sketches to the colour. It almost felt like the wedding was already happening while we were designing the outfits. Candice is a dear friend and looking back, I’d have only wanted it to be the way it turned out to be – fun and amusing."

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    Chandni Sareen
    "Chandni is like my first child! She was extremely sorted about what she wanted for her wedding. I remember, she went to the store to choose the ensemble she wanted in the colour and silhouette she had in her mind. Then came the customization and the fittings part with Chandni and her mom, which was out-and-out fun!"

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    "Not just because she is a stylist herself but also for the headstrong independent woman that she is, Chandni was very clear on how she wanted her cocktail look and her wedding look to be. It was really exciting weighing in what we could differently for a celebrated stylist who’d style her wedding herself. When we saw her wedding pictures eventually, we were mesmerized by the way she looked. She looking her gorgeous best, flashing her widest smile against the sunset was something only dream weddings are made of. I was ecstatic to see her have her entire D-day exactly her way."

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    Vrunda Pandya
    "Vrunda was one of our very special brides. When she met us after the trunk show that happened in New York City that year, she looked radiant with love as her fiancé had recently popped her the question. Vrunda had selected her reception dress right at the trunk show itself. But it wasn’t just herself that she chose a Falguni Shane Peacock. She also ended up picking outfits for her sister and her mother for her special occasion!"

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    "Getting Vrunda’s outfit was easy for she was extremely receptive to our suggestions and it barely took us 30 minutes to get through with the customizations and finalize her reception ensemble. If you ask me, Vrunda looked like a doll in her light, mint-green lehenga that she teamed with a wide-neck blouse! Her sister and mother looked equally resplendent. There’s a picture of the three of them which whenever I come across, warms my heart."

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