#BTRewear Designers Falguni & Shane Peacock Tell You How To Re-Style Your Wedding Ensemble

Dreamy drapes, fetching florals and elegant embroidery, the designers tell you 8 ways in which you can re-style your sartorial choices.

Diya J Verma
Spent a bomb on that bridal lehenga and don't want to give up on it so soon? Trust me, we understand what brides go through post their nuptials. Your wedding is over and now you have no clue what to do with that bridal outfit that's been lying in your wardrobe ever since! It's too precious to get rid off, too heavy to wear elsewhere, and most importantly everyone has already seen you in it! However, it doesn't need to be this hard, beautiful brides. Here are 8 designer-approved style hacks to give your wedding attire an instant upgrade! You can now wear it for your brother's cocktail party or your besties mehendi function (and trust me no one will ever know.)
  • Designers Falguni & Shane Peacock
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    Designers Falguni & Shane Peacock

    "Gone are the days when a bride is expected to choose a one-of-a-kind wedding lehenga that will sit pretty in her wardrobe for years thereafter, without being of any use. Today, the modern bride mindfully picks an outfit that can later be re-worn in several different ways, depending on her vivid imagination and the will to experiment."

  • A Pink Anarkali with a Feathered Shrug
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    A Pink Anarkali with a Feathered Shrug

    "Who ever said that you can't stitch up the blouse and lehenga to convert it into an anarkali? A new, understated look altogether!" 

  • Au Revoir Phool Mahal
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    Au Revoir Phool Mahal

    "One may also revamp the lehenga skirt by getting rid of the can-can and a couple of kalis, to deflate it. This makes the lehenga a little less exaggerated, and gives it a pretty skirt sort-of makeover that can be worn for any occasion without looking over-the-top."

  • Au Revoir Phool Mahal
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    Au Revoir Phool Mahal

    "Did you opt for a saree on your D-day? If you made this choice, you can stitch a chic skirt and blouse like a set of co-ords!"

  • Bonjour Amer, India Couture Week, 2019
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    Bonjour Amer, India Couture Week, 2019

  • 'The Unconventional Bride', Brides Today
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    'The Unconventional Bride', Brides Today

    "In case you haven't already done this, it's high time you try it now! Go ahead and pair a crisp white shirt with your bridal lehenga, top it up with a long polki necklace set, and you're good to go."

  • Au Revoir Phool Mahal
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    Au Revoir Phool Mahal

    "All things contemporary and glamorous, team the lehenga with a bodysuit and give it an edgy finish with some smokey eye make-up and grunge metal jewellery. Go a step bolder by throwing on a bomber jacket!"

  • 'Genda Phool' video song
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    'Genda Phool' video song

    "You can pair your blouse with different sarees that would possibly go with it. On the other hand, if you're looking to achieve a hassle-free, under-toned look, you may simply pair it with palazzo pants."

  • Bonjour Amer, India Couture Week, 2019
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    Bonjour Amer, India Couture Week, 2019

    "Another fabulous way to re-style your ensemble is to convert the dupatta into a long, flowy jacket which can be paired with almost everything, right from a lehenga, to an anarkali, and even long gowns!"

  • Bonjour Amer, India Couture Week, 2019
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    Bonjour Amer, India Couture Week, 2019

    "Do you know the most innovative thing you can do with your dupatta? Well, make a saree out of it! Take a simple saree or a fabric of the saree length and stitch the dupatta at the draping end. This is the best way to make the most out of old, pretty dupattas that have been handed to you as heirlooms, across generations."

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