#BTRewear Designer Monica Shah Tells You How To Re-Style Your Wedding Ensemble

Dreamy drapes, fetching florals and elegant embroidery, the designer tells you 5 ways in which you can re-style your sartorial choices.

Diya J Verma
Spent a bomb on that bridal lehenga and don't want to give up on it so soon? Trust me, we understand what brides go through post their nuptials. Your wedding is over and now you have no clue what to do with that bridal outfit that's been lying in your wardrobe ever since! It's too precious to get rid off, too heavy to wear elsewhere, and most importantly everyone has already seen you in it! However, it doesn't need to be this hard, beautiful brides. Here are 6 designer-approved style hacks to give your wedding attire an instant upgrade! You can now wear it for your brother's cocktail party or your besties mehendi function (and trust me no one will ever know.)
  • Designer Monica & Karishma from JADE
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    Designer Monica & Karishma from JADE

    "It’s important for the bride to take re-usability into consideration right at the
    outset, when she is shopping for her bridal trousseau. Factors like fabric,
    silhouette and colour palette play a key role in deciding if and when something
    can be re-worn at a later point in time."

  • Ek Taar, SS20
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    Ek Taar, SS20

    "We personally love to see blouses being repurposed and re-worn as crop tops, with elegant
    skirts and trousers!"

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    "The dupatta is a highly versatile element of an Indian ensemble. It can be fashioned as a cape or even light

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    "Who said we can't give the traditional lehenga a modern twist? One way to achieve an understated, yet classy look, is to pair the lehenga with a button-down shirt or top."

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  • The Festive Edit by JADE
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    The Festive Edit by JADE

    "While the dupatta may be used as a cape, it can also be used for a faux sari."

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    "To ensure that you don't outshine the bride, pair your blouse with a pair of perfectly tailored trousers, and you're good to go!"

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