6 Sustainable Diamond Jewellery To Include In Your Bijoux Box

The women behind the Indian ethical diamond movement share their favourite pieces.

Arpita Kala
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    "We have a range of maang teekaa exclusively designed so they can be worn with almost anything. The design and craftsmanship have made in a way where if you have a variety of necklaces or earrings, this would go with all of them and you wouldn't need to customize a maang teeka especially to match every piece," says Vandana Jagwani,  founder, Vandals Diamonds.
    Price on request

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    "This is a classic design that seems simple and timeless but has got our design element of using a pair of 1.2 ct blue diamonds and shades of pink diamonds. Adding these rare gemstones to a classic design adds a timeless exclusivity," says Vandana. 
    Price on request

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    "The Halo Charm Necklace is the perfect everyday must-have. It looks like a solitaire and you never have to take this off! A great piece for layering too!" says Disha Shah, founder and designer, DiAi Designs. 
    Price: Rs 12,900 (10 carat),  Rs 14,500 (18 carat)

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    "The Trillion Encrust Bracelet is another versatile piece where vintage meets modern craftsmanship. A bracelet that can be stacked with your watch, or alone as a dainty dream," says Disha.
    Price: Rs 20,600 (10 carat), Rs 23,500 (18 carat)

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    "The Shooting Star Double Diamond Solitaire has this breathtaking brilliance. These handcrafted diamond studs can be worn with effortless elegance every day. It truly epitomizes a woman who is individualistic, expressive and dance to the beat of their own drum," says Pooja Sheth, MD and founder of Limelight Handcrafted Diamonds.
    Price: Rs 95,588 (18 carat)

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    "I also like the Regal Beauty Rose Gold Solitaire Ring because of its fresh spin on the traditional and opulent definition of luxury. This jewel brings back the glory of Type IIa diamonds in a new, sustainable avatar," says Pooja.
    Price: Rs 1,01,197

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