16 Stylish Kurtas Every Man Needs In His Wedding Wardrobe

New-age drapes, striking prints, luxe fabrics and re-worked classic sillhouttes, the humble kurta dazzles us in its fabulous new avatars

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For those attending an Indian wedding, a kurta is every man’s go-to wardrobe staple. Worn as a separate, in a set or layered under a jacket, a dressy kurta is a fail-safe way to look traditional whilst you stay comfortable, and it involves a minimal amount of effort. If the latest fashion trends are anything to go by, gone are the days when men shied away from experimenting and stuck to wearing boring, staid kurtas in unimaginative colors. These days, new-age drapes, striking prints, textures, embroideries, and luxe fabrics are ruling the runways, and even classic colours and silhouettes are being re-worked with interesting details. Behold, 16 stylish avatars of the kurta that are a perfect addition to your Indianwear wardrobe.
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    Payal Singhal 

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    Son Of Noble SNOB

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    Pranay Baidya 

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    Siddhartha Tytler

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    Antar Agni 

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    Shivan and Narresh

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    Shantanu and Nikhil

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    Fahd Khatri 

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    Ridhi Mehra Men

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    Bubber Couture

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    SVA Sonam and Paras Modi 

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    Kunal Rawal 

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    Kshitij Jalori 

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