10 Lucky Gemstones That Are Worth the Splurge, According to a Gemstone Expert

From calming emeralds, creativity-boosting white sapphire to rose quartz that is lucky for love, founder of GemPundit, Nitin Yadav shares the lucky stones that not only look beautiful but also have a positive effect on you!

Arpita Kala
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    "A diamond is one of the most precious gemstones in the world. Wearing a diamond improves social and financial growth, increases imagination and creativity, solves marital conflicts, and leads to better reproductive health and immunity."
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    Emerald is one of the most sought-after gemstones known for its elegant green charm. Wearing an emerald promotes financial, intellectual, and creative growth, improves communication skills, and soothes the mind, senses, and skin.
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    Blue Sapphire

    "Blue Sapphire is probably one of the most royal gemstones in the world and is adorned by members of the British Royal Family as well. Wearing this marvellous blue gemstone leads to success in your career, improved fortunes, fame, and popularity. It also incorporates discipline and patience in you and makes your mind, bones, and senses stronger."
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    Rose Quartz

    "Also known as the ‘Love Stone’ and Bohemian Ruby, Rose Quartz helps raise one’s self-esteem, increases one’s beauty, and attracts love in one’s life."
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    "Peridot is a vivid green coloured gemstone that promotes intelligence, improves communication skills, and leads to good health."
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    "This charming light blue gemstone encaptures the shades of aqua. Wearing this leads to improved leadership qualities, stable married life, rejuvenated health, and boosted self-confidence."
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    "This light to deep-blue gemstone is known for its unique style in jewellery. Wearing this fascinating gemstone leads to success in studies and creative ventures, improved financial and social status, and healthy liver and lungs."
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    "Wearing a beautiful violet Amethyst leads to cured addictive tendencies, revived fortunes and relationships, soothed anxious minds, mental clarity, and improved hair, teeth, and bones."
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    White Sapphire

    "Wearing a White Sapphire gives you a luxurious and sophisticated look that no other gemstone can match. Apart from this, wearing this dazzling gemstone also leads to improved social and financial growth, increased imagination and creativity, solved marital conflicts, and better reproductive health and immunity."
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    "Ruby is also known as the King of Gemstones and that describes this astonishing red gemstone better than anything else. Wearing a Ruby leads to professional and academic success, enhanced financial and social status, improved paternal relationship, and rejuvenated health."

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