Sara Ali Khan Gives Colour-Play A Fabulous Upgrade With Her Eye Makeup

She has been giving us some serious inspiration on how to add a swipe of hues on our lids and lashes.

Diya J Verma
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    Say hello to sunshine! Sara Ali Khan goes yellow across the lid, merging it with pink along the crease. All perfectly matched with her bright attire! 

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    An avid fan of the winged liner, Sara opts for an aqua blue winger eye liner, to match her dress. 

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    Whose up for a smokey eye? Sara is totally killing the pink smokey eye makeup look. 

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    A bit of glitter and glamour, pink shimmer eyeshadow goes perfectly with her Amit Aggarwal metallic dress. 

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    Sara Ali Khan goes for a subtle yellow hue on her eyelid, to match with her nails and offset the sequence crop top. 

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    Who said mascara had to be black? A purplish-blue mascara is one way to upgrade your eye makeup. 

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    Here comes holographic eyeshadow!

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    This time around Sara Ali Khan opts for a blue smokey eye look. 

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    Sara Ali Khan gives you inspiration on how to do the rainbow eyes for the upcoming summer season. 

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    Sara sure stands out from the crowd with this pink eye makeup. 

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