Nail Trends 2020: Bold And Beautiful

Because life is too short for boring nails.

Diya J Verma
A luxe alternative to your classic french tips and a step into space with galaxy nails, there are several buzzwords that are trending in the nail-care department this season, that you ought to try out IRL. Vandana Luthra, Founder and Co-Chairperson VLCC, gives you the lowdown on the top nail trends for this year!
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    Rainbow French Tips
    Isn't it high time we switch up the classic french tips a notch? This year's top emerging trend is to give the french manicure a stylish, colourful upgrade! The new french nails are no longer white-tipped, instead, you could opt for a rainbow, or multiple hues such as orange, fuchsia or prussian blue. To give your nails a funky spin, you could also layer two colours together in the same marked thin edge-lines, as in a conventional french manicure. Looking for some extra oomph? Go for a thick metallic edge-line.

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    TREND 2

    Mix & Match Hues
    Do all the nails have to be of the same colour? Nah. If you're too indecisive when it comes to picking one shade for all your nails, just go with all instead. Select a colour palette, pick your favourite colour scheme (nudes, neons, moody hues), and get going! 

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    TREND 3

    Milky Nails
    Want your nails to look like they've just been dipped in fresh milk? Well, in that case, this one's for you. Milky nails are somewhere between opaque white and sheer white, and have sort of a milky translucence to them. All you really need to do is find the ideal semi-opaque white nail polish! Oh, and most importantly, DON'T forget the super-glossy top coat. This will solidify the milky finish, giving it a hi-shine effect.

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    TREND 4

    Galaxy Nails
    From milky nails, lets move into the milky way! Take inspiration from space and try out this 'out of the world' nail trend. The galaxy-inspired design has been popping up on YouTube tutorials all across the internet, making it a trend to look out for. Given its chic, glamorous appeal and abstract nature, you can have the milky
    way and the Andromeda on both hands! 

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    TREND 5

    Rainbow Nails
    Everyone seems to be obsessing over rainbow nails lately. Sometimes we just don't want a trend, but prefer a blend! Whether you opt for neutral shades or pastels, muted shades blend in beautifully with any ensemble. Pastel rainbow nails are trendy for all seasons, especially summers! While giving this trend a try, it is important that you pick your polish in the same undertones or colour hues, for all nails. 

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    TREND 6

    Marble Nails
    While some of you may not like to steer too far away from your comfort zone, many others are looking for something bold and statement-worthy. With the marble nails trend, you can give your basic nails a classy, refined upgrade. From bolder to softer colors, the marble manicure trend is the latest dreamy nail inspiration that is doing the rounds. Opt for pastel and neutral tones, and keep it as simple as you can. Ultimately, marble nails always get you the attention!

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