Makeup That Stays On Forever? Here's All You Need to Know About Permanent Makeup

What if you didn't have to remove your makeup before sleeping or if you ALWAYS have perfectly formed brows? Permanent makeup specialist and cosmetologist Shagun Gupta shares everything that you need to know about never having to remove your makeup.

Arpita Kala
Makeup is like an instant pick-me-up for many of us. From adding a pop to your OOTDs to making you feel confident or just a great way to show your creative side, makeup has many pros. The only con? Well, it smudges and may even run if you cry, sweat or just exist! And, permanent makeup is a great way to make sure your makeup always stays in place. So, we spoke to the expert of this art, permanent makeup specialist Shagun Gupta to know all about cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup. Shagun was introduced to permanent makeup 15 years ago when she was studying in London. She says, "Back then, tattooing eyebrows were all the rage and I tried it on myself out of sheer curiosity and absolutely loved it. Initially, there was the obvious apprehension towards the unknown in the minds of people but when we were past that phase the response to permanent makeup has been quite phenomenal."
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    What exactly is permanent makeup?
    Shagun says, "In layman terms, permanent make-up is just another form of tattooing. However, unlike conventional tattooing, we use digital or rotary devices with a very fine needle to inject pigment into the top layer of the dermis. The technique can also be used to mimic very fine hair on the eyebrows or provide shading effects on the eyes and lips. Also called micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, and intradermal cosmetics, this method can save you the hassle of waking up every morning and re-doing your make-up or removing it after a long tiring day!"

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    She adds that you can also use permanent skin corrections through this method to camouflage various forms of imperfections such as scars, vitiligo, areola restoration, stretch marks, and even freckles or age spots.

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    Things to ask your specialist:
    Shagun advises making sure that your specialist performs a patch test to understand your skin and disinfects the equipment.
    She says, "A few tips for anyone attempting to perform the treatment would be to placing the needle in handpiece only after putting on hand gloves to avoid even the remotest chance of infection." 

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    "Another way to save time would be to set out all equipment like pigments, damp cotton pads, swabs, microneedles in a disposable tray, and filling the pigment cup beforehand. Once the procedure is done do not forget to disinfect all the re-usable equipment with cleaner and wipes. Dispose off all the needles, sharp containers and disposables in a biohazard waste trash bin," she adds. 

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    How long do the effects last?
    The healing time for this procedure is approximately 10-15 days and it lasts for a really long time.
    She says, "How long will your permanent make-up last will depend on a lot on what kind of treatment you have taken. Microblading, for instance, lasts for a year or two while lips last typically for 6 to 8 months and eyeliner for two to three years. The depth of your pigment is will also affect its lasting period."

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    What's the most-requested permanent makeup look?
    "The most famous treatments at my clinic so far have been microblading and combo eyebrows! Eyebrows are forever in vogue because of their instant effect on the face. Well-groomed brows make you look more refined and your face more attractive. Taking care of the grooming of one’s eyebrow is a serious business and requires time and effort. So, our eyebrow treatment proves to be a saviour in this case. You can get the treatment done once and can then stop worrying about regular grooming. This is what explains this treatment’s meteoric success. I would, however, like to reiterate that only someone who has both the theoretical as well practical knowledge of the procedure should attempt it." 

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