9 Expert-approved Tips to Avoid the Hungover Look This Party Season

Celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr Chytra V. Anand shares simple tips to party-proof your skin 

Chirag Mohanty Samal
We all love a good party, but we detest the tell-tale signs the next day. Who wants to deal with puffy, blood shot eyes, dry and parched skin and the splitting headache. But if you thought the only way to avoid the hungover look is by swearing off alcohol then don’t lose heart. Dr Chytra V Anand celebrity cosmetic dermatologist, Kosmoderma Clinics, chief formulator, Skin Q shares a few tricks in the book that can help you avoid the hungover look.
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    Stay hydrated
    Yes, we said it thrice for effect. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates the body by reducing the water content. And the visible signs of dehydration are taut, overstretched, dull skin, fine lines, dry, chapped lips, dry mouth and frizzy hair,” says Dr Chytra.
    The solution:Drink sufficient water. Rule of thumb is 1:1 ( Alcohol: water)
    Pro Tip: Apply a Hyaluronic Acid Serum to the skin to immediately hydrate it. 

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    Boost your anti-oxidants
    Alcohol is inflammatory to our body and causes, redness, puffiness, and soreness. So, this is the season for anti-oxidant boosters. “Instead of just doing it on the night of the party or the next day get into the habit of taking anti-oxidant supplements or eating a healthy diet with an anti-oxidant smoothie during the entire season,” advises Dr Chytra. By drinking anti-oxidant smoothies daily, you can boost your skin anti-oxidants and be prepared.

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    Cleanse the skin, rinse all traces of makeup
    Remove all makeup as this can irritate already sensitised skin. The smudging will highlight the shadows of the skin. “If you don't have makeup remover available, use oil to remove the makeup with
    cotton pads,” says Dr Chytra.

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    Balance your electrolytes
    Over hydrating with water also can be bad for the body. Alcohol causes an electrolyte imbalance n the body. “Consume electrolyte/coconut water to balance the body electrolyte to reduce the cramping, nausea and improve skin glow by boosting normal blood flow,” suggests Dr Chytra.

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    Try and get as much sleep as possible
    Try to get at least 6 hrs of sleep; this will help the body heal. “Only during sleep can the body heal and repair itself. Rest is a critical component. Now is not the time to start your rigorous exercise. Rest your body post a hangover for at least 24 hrs to prevent the build-up of
    lactic acid,” advises Dr Chytra.

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    Wake up your skin
    Use an ice cube or cool water to wake up your skin. It will immediately calm the skin and remove signs of inflammation like swelling and redness and sensitivity to touch. Keep spritzing cool water through the day or just run over the skin with ice cubes every few hours.
    Pro Tip: Use a face mask containing soy like the Skin Q DIY Hydrate DIY Facial kit mask. A 10-minute peel off mask on face and neck will hydrate the skin surface and calm it.

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    Get rid of puffy eyes
    Water retention causes puffy eyes. Apply tea bags on the eyes leave them on for 5 – 10 mins and rinse with cool water. “The caffeine in the tea will pull out the excess water. You can use creams with caffeine for the eye area if you don't have time for teabags,” says Dr Chytra.

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    Get a good breakfast with carbs
    Eat breakfast with eggs, spinach and orange juice, suggests Dr Chytra. These foods will give you essential vitamins and anti-oxidants. Eggs have N Acetyl cysteine that helps your body metabolise the alcohol.
    Spinach has Alpha Lipoic acid, which aids in faster metabolisation of the alcohol. Orange juice has vitamin B1, which helps with un-fogging the brain and making you alert.

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    Get rid of bloodshot eyes
    It is a give-away. Pro Tip: Use artificial tears; eye drops to clear the eyes and freshen them to make them look whiter and less bloodshot.
    By following these tips, one can stay healthy and look healthy the next day post a party.

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