7 Mistakes to Avoid If You Are Doing Your Own Lockdown Wedding Makeup

Permanent makeup specialist and cosmetologist Shagun Gupta shares how you can create a flawless wedding makeup look on your own the easy way!

Arpita Kala
Lockdown weddings have inspired many brides to turn towards the simpler ways of making their D-day super-special. One of them is makeup with many to-be-brides opting to use their own skills to glam up for their weddings. So, if you are a lockdown bride-to-be, permanent makeup specialist and cosmetologist Shagun Gupta shares some common makeup mistakes to avoid to amp up your wedding glam:
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    Using the wrong foundation shade: "Many brides fail to understand that the foundation is not supposed to make your skin look lighter. Instead, it should be in sync with your own skin colour. And, how to choose the right foundation shade? Well, just apply a small swatch on your arm or neck or jawline and if it blends into your skin as if it was already a part of it, then you have yourself a perfect match."

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    Lipstick shades that are too dark: "Dark does not always translate to bold or statement-making. If you use a lipstick shade which is too dark for your skin tone, then you might end up looking like you are trying too hard."

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    Too much contouring: "Contouring done well can prove to be a blessing, given how it instantly gives your face a better shape. Do not go overboard with it, though. Another thing to keep in mind while choosing a contour is not to go for colours that are too dark or warm."

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    Stop using super matte lipstick: "Matte lipsticks are a Godsend, I agree, but do not use lipsticks that are too matte in nature on your wedding day because it might make your lips look parched and devoid of even its natural sheen."

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    Applying foundation before doing your eye makeup: "This might come as a surprise to many since applying foundation is often considered the first step in the makeup process. But, you should ideally do your eye make-up before you apply foundation. This would make your final look more natural as well as give you room to experiment with your final look as you please."

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    Stop using wrong under-eye concealer: "Choosing the right under eye-concealer is as important as choosing the correct foundation. The rule to follow is to not use a concealer that is more than one or two shades lighter than your skin tone."

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    Stop using too much makeup: "Keeping it as close to natural as possible can make you look far prettier than going over-the-top with your makeup look. This should be true even on your special days. It is just an enhancer for your best features, let it be confined to being just that. Don’t make your day all about your makeup."

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