21 Gorgeous Personal Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You

Charming, artistic and just for your viewing pleasure - here are some tattoo ideas that you can keep hidden at your will!

Arpita Kala
Tattoos are a wonderful way to express yourself through art. But body art does not always have to be bold to be beautiful as can be seen from the dainty tattoo trend. So, we spoke to artist Shyamli from Devil'z Tattooz about the perfect spot to a get inked that you can keep a secret and enjoy all by yourself. "Getting a personal tattoo depends on your wardrobe really- but a few good places can be near the pelvic bone, on the hip, on the rib cage and in the upper inner arm. Even the middle of the back- I think you can cover up pretty much any tattoo you want as long as it’s not on your face/ neck or below your wrists," she says. If you are looking to get a personal tattoo, here are some gorgeous ideas:
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