15 Hairstyles For Brides Who Love A Middle Part

Your hair pulled back into a tight bun, or locks loosely lying on your shoulders, the middle part is perfect for the Indian bride who wishes to compliment it with accessories.

Diya J Verma
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    A loosely tied fish-tail braid with a middle part, makes way to expose the traditional vermilion on your forehead. 

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    A bun with a middle part is a classic hairstyle that you cannot go wrong with, especially if you wish to wear a traditional maang-tikka, matha patti or even fragrant flowers.

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    Chic and stylish, letting your hair loose with a middle part, is sure to accentuate your face structure while giving it the illusion of length and creating symmetry around your face.

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    If you want to add a veil, there is no better way to do so, than with a tightly pulled back bun.

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     A partly puffed messy bun with a middle parting and strands of hair loose on either side is another hairstyle to opt for, on your big day.

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    Classy and modern, a sharp middle part going down till the very end of your straight hair is the ideal contemporary twist to a traditional bridal look. 

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    Flowy and casual, you might want to opt for a simple yet elegant middle part with your curly locks.

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    Bring the 90's back with a sleek, poker straight hair look, perfectly parted down the middle. 

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    Enhancing the volume and length, long wavy hair with a middle part is perfect if you want to adorn hair accessories. 

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    A tight plait with a middle part is the go-to hairstyle if you want to wear a stunning maang tikka.

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    A half-up hairdo with a middle part, and the addition of beautiful and fragrant flowers is one way to achieve that fairytale wedding look. 

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    A middle part coupled with wavy hair will definitely make your hair look voluminous. 

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    A wavy middle-parted ponytail? That's cute. 

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    Want to wear an embellished headband? Look no further than this middle part, messy bun look. 

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    A partly half-up hairstyle with a middle part to compliment the flow and subtlety of your wedding ensemble. 

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