7 Homegrown Beauty Products To Include In Your Skincare Regime

From handmade soaps to natural toners, Indian beauty brands have all that you need for a homegrown beauty routine.

Arpita Kala
Here's help if you are looking to add deliciously scented and efficient products to your skincare regime that are made in India. We spoke to Sahee Wasan, the founder of Mooibox, who sifts through many beauty products to pick the ones best suited for her customers. And, she's a big fan of homegrown beauty brands too! "I totally love homegrown beauty products. Sadly, most people think local or homegrown new brands are not as promising or trustworthy. Local products work just as well as other products and at most times even better. Others think natural means expensive but that is the biggest misconception. Some of the local natural products work wonders and are not heavy on your pocket at all," she says. So. here are her favourites from her personal beauty regime:
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    Rs 175,
    "I personally use this soap for my face too. It is super gentle on the skin - followed by the Kronokare Flower Power toner and Moisturizer."

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    Rs 299,

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    Rs 699,

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    Rs 575,
    "I use Just Herbs Aloe Vera gel mixed with Just Herbs rose water as a face toner on most nights. Global Beauty Secrets has some nice moisturizers and toners too."

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    Rs 495,

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    Rs 1,100,

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    Rs 450,

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