10 Floral Scented Body Mists That Smell Just Like Your Favourite Spring Flowers

From whiffs of damask rose mixed with cinnamon to sweet jasmine fumes, take your pick of body mists to try out!

Arpita Kala
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    A sensuous fragrance crafted with Daffodil or Nargis flowers from the valleys of Kashmir, this also has the soothing goodness of aloe vera. 
    Ra 1,995,

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    A bouquet of sweet floral smells without being cloyingly sugary - this is a crowd-pleaser.
    Rs 1,295,

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    A Gardenia-inspired scent, this is a mild version of the usual Jasmine fragrances. This scent smells like it can give a meh-outfit an instant upgrade with just one spritz. Try it!
    Rs 1,195,

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    This earthy scent not only smells divine but has a gorgeously refreshing effect when sprayed. Steam distilled from the roots of the Vetiver grass native to Aligarh in north India, this baby is must-have in your fragrance collection.
    Rs 295,

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    A heady, slightly strong mist, it captures the scent of Jasmine in all its glory!
    Rs 230,

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    Call it a bouquet of your favourite flowers. A spritz of this mist includes the refreshing scents of Freesia, Peony, Rose, Lily Of The Valley and Magnolia.
    Rs 399,

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    A playful mix of cherry and freesia, a little goes a long way with this scent.
    Rs 493.

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    A great fruity-floral smell just right for the season...if you don't mind re-spritzing or layering it to increase staying power.
    Rs 499,

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    A contemporary, breezy take on the cherry blossom scent, you can never go wrong with this classic.
    Rs 450,

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    A spicy, floral-fruity scent, one spritz goes a long way for this scent.
    Rs 790,

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