What To Eat On Your Wedding Day: A Guide To Becoming The Most Stunning Bride

From skipping breakfast to gulping down multiple cups of coffee, brides make all kinds of mistakes on their wedding day. Follow these simple rules and you are bound to shine. 

Every bride wants to look their best on their big day. When it comes to getting ready to walk down the aisle, almost every bride is well-prepared but there is one thing which we all forget to take care of - our diet. We've put together a few simple tips to remember on the big day.

Dos –

1. Breakfast is the most important meal–Yes, we know you have a lot to do and because of the nervousness you don’t feel hungry. But, remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day even on your wedding day. So, don’t skip it and try and incorporate protein into your breakfast to keep you fuller longer.  

38682331_267733750717782_8159134052062855168_n_082118042732.jpgStart your day with oatmeal and you will be energized for the whole day.Image courtesy: Instagram 

2. Oatmeal – On your wedding day you would want to eat something light which is also filling and keeps your blood sugar levels high. Oatmeal is the perfect option in this case, it increases your sugar levels slowly, and remains there for a long period of time. So, say yes to a bowl of oatmeal and have it for breakfast. You could also opt for grilled chicken or fish for breakfast as proteins also keep you full for a longer duration.

3. Water is the key – Goes without saying? Water is the key to glowing skin and that’s why it is essential.  Dehydration causes the skin to appear dull and no one wants to see a gloomy bride. So, keep drinking water from time to time during the day.

39409924_2780620638630202_2511642448875225088_n_082118043031.jpg                                                                                                                                       Stay hydrated for radiant skin.   Image courtesy: Instagram

4. Say YES to greens – Green vegetables are rich in fibre and essential vitamins. The fibre keeps you full longer and ensures smooth bowel movement while the vitamins and antioxidants keep your skin in great shape.

38748029_2066547796992954_8837395742713708544_n_082118043210.jpgSalads help you to reduce bloating.Image courtesy: Instagram

5. Chia Seeds for glowing skin – Chia seeds contain high amounts of omega 3s, which are fatty acids and result in a glowing skin. You can add these little black seeds to your oatmeal or a smoothie for radiant skin.

Don’ts -

1. Avoid spicy food – Excessively spicy food can upset your stomach, damage the lining of your stomach and it can also cause skin breakouts. The best idea would be to keep the spices at bay just before and during the wedding.

a6050db06377863cc3b1d7965c75132e_082118043406.jpgAvoid coffee to stay away from nervousness and sweating.Image courtesy: Pinterest

2. Avoid artificial sweeteners – It is hard for your stomach to digest artificial sugars. Foods like sugar-free gums and diet sodas have a lot of artificial sweeteners. So, make sure you steer clear of them.

3. Avoid alcohol – You might be tempted to have those celebratory mimosas but, as a bride, you must do everything to avoid alcohol as long as you possibly can. Alcohol can can result in bloating since it dehydrates you. Lets not forget the hangovers that follow.

d22d01c99147249ebc03bf1307ce1dde_082118043548.jpgAvoid dairy products like milk and replace it with soy or coconut.Image courtesy: Pinterest 

Eat whatever makes you happy and enjoy your big day. Don't deprive your body of anything. Instead, learn how to control your portions and have balanced meals to be the happiest, most glowing bride ever. 

Assisted by - Kushagra Greenwold Das


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