Soaps are Making a Comeback, and Here are Our Favourites

It’s time to lather up because these soaps are truly raising the bar.

The sense of smell is closely related to memory, more so than any of our other senses. Whether it’s the herbal scent of Pears to the milky fragrance of Dove on our mother’s sink, soaps are a permanent fixture in all of our beauty memories. An invention that dates back to 2500 B.C, bar soaps started earning a bad reputation for being dirty and unhygienic—slowly being replaced by a plethora of bath foams, gels, and scrubs. So how is the humble bar soap making its way back into our showers? Skin type-specific and carefully crafted, soaps are making significant strides in catering to today’s increasingly savvy shopper. From acne to psoriasis, dry skin to oily skin, there seems to be a formulation for every concern. From a fragrance perspective, many of the soaps made by high-end beauty brands boast of the highest quality ingredients such as salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and anti-inflammatory herbs and essential oils which not only please our olfactory senses but are also beneficial for skin health. With a wide-ranging selection of soaps out there for a variety of different budgets and skin concerns, the choice out there might surprise you. It did us. Here’s our pick of the best for dishing out some brilliant benefits for both body and mind:

luxury-sugar-soap-whole-loofah-scrub-lemongrass_080219020244.pngForest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Whole Loofah Scrub Lemongrass, Rs. 795

organic-bathing-bars---by-organic-harvest_080219020629.jpg Organic Harvest Organic Bathing Bars, Rs. 99

screen-shot-2015-06-09-at-3_080219021129.jpgKama Ayurveda Natural Rose Soap, Rs 675

lavender-chamomile2_080219021205.jpgNykaa Lavender & Chamomile Bathing Bar, Rs. 350

screen-shot-2019-08-02-at-2_080219021248.pngSOVA Coconut & Warm Vanilla Bathing Bar, Rs. 250


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