Olive Oil Is The Secret Ingredient To Add To Your Beauty Regimen

Incorporate this magic ingredient in your beauty routine for supple skin, lush hair and more.

Olive oil has been used as a beauty product for centuries and is almost certainly one of the earliest beauty products. Since it contains antioxidants called polyphenols it helps to protect your skin. We found you a few ways to use olive oil as part of your daily beauty regimen.

For Your Skin

As winter comes up, you are probably preparing yourself for dry, cracked skin. This season, olive oil should be your best friend. We suggest applying olive oil to dry patches of your skin or use it as an all-over moisturizer. For really dry patches, using a combination of olive oil, sugar and a little lemon juice for your lips and heels. 


For Your Hair

Olive oil is very useful as a hair conditioning treatment. Apply it to your scalp and hair for ten to 20 minutes after you shampoo regularly for lasting effects. You can even use it as a serum by applying a few drops to freshly blow-dried hair for healthy, glossy and lustrous hair.


Other Uses

As a makeup remover, olive oil can take off that hard-to-get-out waterproof mascara. Try mixing it with aloe vera water to prevent irritation after removing makeup. Because it is less abrasive than chemically based makeup removers, people with sensitive skin or who are allergic to ingredients in store-bought removers prefer to use this.

Olive oil works wonders as an exfoliator as well. Mix olive oil with sea salt or sugar to create a natural exfoliant, apply to your face, and then rinse with warm water. Sugar is less abrasive than salt, so use sugar if you have sensitive skin. Brown sugar is even softer than white granulated sugar, so it is best for really sensitive skin.

Olive oil has several properties that make it an effective treatment for acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe the swelling and redness that accompanies acne. It is also a natural antibacterial, so it can prevent bacteria from exacerbating your acne. You can add lemon juice to it as well since that acts as a disinfectant. 

Apart from all this, Olive oil is great to soften cuticles, lessen wrinkles and reduce scars.



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