Microdermabrasion 101: All You Need To Know About Getting This Procedure

From helping makeup blend better to instant rejuvenation, here’s how this power exfoliation procedure helps before your D-day.

You may have toyed with the idea of trying out microdermabrasion before your BFF’s wedding or seen it listed in the bridal beauty packages in wellness centres, but this procedure is much more.

 So, what exactly is this?

“Microdermabrasion is a gentle exfoliation procedure using either crystals or diamond polishing. It gets rid of the top layer of the skin that tends to be tanned or damaged and helps products or treatments penetrate better,” says skin and Cosmetic Specialist Dr Kiran Sethi, Isya Aesthetics.

 Just think your weekly exfoliating scrub…but supersized. Microdermabrasion machines exfoliate the skin using a stream of fine crystal or a diamond tip or even suction.  

“Apricot or walnut scrubs are gentle as compared to machine exfoliation through microdermabrasion, which is deeper, effective and more long-lasting,” says dermatologist Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, Skin Alive.

 Do you need it?

 While the procedure is recommended as an effective remedy for pigmentation, clogged pores and dull skin, brides can also benefit from it when it comes to their wedding makeup. Smooth, exfoliated skin serves as the perfect base for the cosmetic products and blends in better too.

So, speak to your dermatologist if this exfoliation procedure is right for you. 

Does it hurt?

Unlike the popular misconception, well-performed microdermabrasion is not painful nor does it irritate your skin. Just like any exfoliations process, it may leave the skin slightly red and possibly more sensitive. This is why your dermatologist will recommend a calming moisturizer and sunscreen after the treatment. 

How many times do you get it done?

Well, experts say the frequency of the procedure depends on your skin type.

“We advice brides to get microdermabrasion once in a week or ten days for a few sessions especially if it’s a last-minute appointment since they need more prepping,” says dermatologist and cosmetic physician Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, ISAAC Luxe. 

But, if you are already enrolled for a bridal package with a reputed dermatologist, chances are you may already be receiving it. Microdermabrasion is often used along with super facials and other skin treatments to increase their effectiveness. Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra agrees, “It is an integral part of the bridal package that we offer and usually we insist that the bride get it at least once a week though ideally twice would be better.”

How is different from chemical peels?

The two procedures are exfoliation treatments and the difference lies in the method. While microdermabrasion is physical exfoliation, a chemical peel achieves the same result using a mixture of alpha-hydroxy acids to dissolve dead skin cells and then, washed off with the peeling solution. 

What is the after-care process? 

Your dermatologist may advice you to minimize sun exposure and prescribe a sunscreen as well as a gentle skincare routine. Staying hydrated will also help combat the immediate redness after the procedure.


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