Malaika Arora Shares Her Simple Tricks For Keeping Fit This International Yoga Day

This International Yoga Day, let Malaika Arora teach you how it's done!

With her motivational Instagram posts and envy-evoking physique, style icon and Malaika Arora is legit fitness goals! What’s better to motivate you this International Yoga Day, than fitness tips from the 44-year old star herself.


Being an advocate of health and fitness, and now Reebok’s Fashionable Fit Influencer, Malaika shares her fitness mantra with us.

On Her Fitness Goals

‘Fitness is a form of worship for me as it helps me revitalize. Amidst the everyday chaos, fitness has been my constant and through this each day I achieve my mark. My aim has always been to be to be fitter and stronger each year, extending myself beyond the limits and redefining the fitness quotient. I ensure my workouts are a mix of moderate and vigorous driven training that make me fit physically, socially and mentally.’

On Her Journey With Yoga

‘I was an early adopter of Yoga, I started practicing the form when I was in my early 20’s and through my professional career Yoga has helped me greatly achieve a balance of the spirit andthe mind. Yoga represents a lifestyle for me and not just a mere routine I follow each day.’

On The Benefits of Yoga

‘Yoga has many faces and is a form that is tailored to everyone’s choices and preferences. It is a form that can be practiced by all age groups, adding flexibility, strength and inner glow to the individual. While we feel that is not as rigorous as other fitness forms, Yoga goes a long way in creating an overall harmony within you, making you meditate, gain perspective and ultimately boost productivity.’

On Her Favourite Yoga Asanas

‘I love to practice all forms of Yoga, but I like the Padmasana because it signifies balance and symmetry. Also, the 12 steps in the Suryanamaskar as it’s an entire body workout, etc.’

Malaika’s go-to fitness tip for her fans is to not take fitness for granted, and to push yourself harder each day, each moment!

How are you celebrating this Yoga Day?


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