Kriti Sanon Shares Her Beauty Secrets, Fitness Routine And Her Ideal Wedding

The actor's girl-next-door charm is unmistakable and pleasant. In an exclusive interview, she talks about how she keeps herself looking good all the time. 

Did you always want to know how Kriti Sanon unwinds in the car after a long working day? She snacks on samosas and bread pakoras. “I don’t follow a diet,” she says. “I try to eat healthily and make sure I have a balanced diet, but I don’t restrict myself.” Read more excerpts from our conversation with her. 

What is a beauty secret you swear by?

Sunscreen. I make sure to apply it at least twice a day, even if it’s not sunny outside, even if I’m home all day. I also plunge my face in ice-cold water after a shower—it’s the best way to tone your skin and close your pores.


Describe your fitness routine.

I make it a point to exercise four or five times a week. My body type is such that I don’t require cardio. Instead, I focus on weight training to build muscle, but I don’t enjoy it at all. I love pilates, and that helps me improve balance and core strength, and stretch my muscles. I also love dancing but I tend to do that only when I have a performance since it makes me lose weight.

What would your ideal wedding be like?

I’ve always been a fully-filmy person, to be honest. I like all the rituals of big Punjabi weddings, whether it’s the roka or Mehendi or sangeet. So I would want a lot of functions. But I would prefer to have only my close friends and family, perhaps at a destination. It’s a dream to have it in Mykonos, Greece. And I definitely need good music and good food.


What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

I once received a beautiful handwritten note, in which someone had poured his emotions on paper, and that was really special because there was no occasion or reason for it. Another time, on my birthday, on the drive back from a club to the house, there were different stops along the way where people gave me presents. Lanterns were floating in the air.


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