Here's the Correct Order to Apply Skincare Products in the Morning

A dermat tells you the exact order that will make all the difference

You have bought all the top picks featured in magazines and on beauty blogs and have been applying them each day but much to your despair there isn't any visible change. This happens when you do not follow the correct order to apply the products. For the products to work to the best of their abilities you need to follow the correct beauty routine. So, here’s a little help from Dr Kiran Lohia, cosmetologist, dermatologist and the founder of ISYA Aesthetics. “We apply products in order from thinnest to thickest because the thicker the product, the more likely it has ingredients like silicones, butters or oils, which form an occlusive barrier on the skin, resulting in less penetration into the skin,” says Dr Kiran. She lists out a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

1. Start by cleansing your face and under eyes

Before applying any products, it’s essential to keep your skin squeaky clean. Wash with a gentle face wash.

2. Use a toner or a face mist

This isn’t meant to be anything heavy that sits around your face. They just work as primers and better prepare your skin to absorb other products. If you have dry skin skip the toner opt for a face mist that absorbs quickly on to clean skin.

3. Then comes the serum

Serums are like concentrated shots of nutrients, hydrators and antioxidants that work wonders for your skin health. In the morning you can try a Vitamin C  serum, which protects your skin from the inflammation and damage caused by free radicals during the day and also brightens your skin and lightens dark spots. However, if you have a sensitive skin use the serum every other day instead of daily.

4. Follow it up with under eye cream

If you have been applying this after the moisturiser then you are making a mistake. Eye creams are lighter than moisturisers so they need to be applied before you put on any cream or oil. In the morning look for an eye cream with a rollerball applicator that helps to reduce under-eye-bags or opt for a formula containing caffeine  that will temporarily tighten puffy under-eyes.

5. Bring on the face moisturiser

This is an essential part of your routine. Moisturiser is the only thing that’ll form a barrier on your skin and trap all the products underneath to make them more effective and also hydrate your skin.

6. Finish off with the sunblock

Dr Kiran says, “this is always last so it can block the sun and you can use enough quantity for it to work.” Sunscreen works as an armour against the world. Make sure you use one with minimum SPF 30 if you want protection against premature aging and dark spots. This is the last step before you apply your makeup. Also it's essential that you keep 30 seconds to 1 minute gap between each step.


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