Get Rid of Acne Instantly with These 3 Makeup Tricks

Expert tips on how to apply makeup on acne-prone skin

Acne is the bane of many a lives. Especially when it appears unannounced before an important party or event. It can be frustrating! But the good news is that with a few clever makeup technique you can camouflage the redness, discolouration and the inflammation. We get Aanshul Rawal, makeup artist and founder of Glamm Me to share her best tips for applying makeup on acne-prone skin.

Prep and Prime

Prepare the skin well with natural remedies before applying makeup. "Milk can be used for cleansing​​ the face. For toning, you can use a concoction of rose water and aloe vera gel," says Aanshul. These ingredients will also help in reducing redness and inflammation.

Use a hydrating moisturiser to make the skin supple and smooth so that the makeup glides on properly and does not look cakey.

makeup to hide acne

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Oceglow water cream is a super-hydrating moisturiser that is suitable for all skin types and helps to control sebum production. It can be used as a primer too.

Trick 1 - Colour correct

Choosing the right colour corrector for acne is an extremely important step. "Use a green colour corrector to camouflage the redness of acne or acne marks," says Aanshul.

Pro Tip - Use your hands to apply colour corrector over the acne. Take only a little amount otherwise, the foundation can mix with the colour corrector and appear green over the inflamed region.

makeup to hide acne

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Trick 2 - Conceal

Opt for a concealer that exactly matches your skin tone. "Never use a lighter shade of concealer to hide imperfections else it will turn grey after a while," explains Aanshul.

Pro Tip - Use liquid corrector/concealer instead of cream-based products. Due to the thick consistency of the cream corrector or concealer, there is a high risk of excess deposition of the product, which can make the concealed area appear dry and flaky.

hide acne with makeup

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Trick 3 – Foundation

Use sheer or medium coverage hydrating foundation. Never use cream or full coverage foundation as it may cause dryness on the skin, and make the area around acne look flaky.

hide acne with makeup

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Bonus Tip

Find the root cause of the acne and treat it. If nothing seems to work, consult a dermatologist. Lead a healthy lifestyle and eat well.


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