Expert Approved Vitamins To Make Your Strands Longer and Stronger

Three vitamins that will make your hair perfectly lustrous for your big day. 

You can use the right products and get regular trims and spa treatments, but what really determines the health of your hair is how you nourish it from the inside. As you prepare for your wedding, we get you the lowdown on the vitamins and minerals you need for your healthiest hair yet.


This is one of the best nutrients for your scalp. “The antioxidants in it add hydration from the inside out, giving your hair a natural lustre,” says Dr Rohini Shende, a Pune-based dietitian and nutritionist, who recommends starting this supplement 30 days before your big day.


Free radicals in our body can cause our hair to become dry and brittle. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, fights these radicals and helps make your hair strong, and shiny. Dr. Shende’s miracle elixir for healthy hair is to mix 1 scoop of hydrolysed collagen and one tablet of 500 mg vitamin C to a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach. Start this 30 days before your wedding. “Its easy to get a sufficient amount through food. Around two-three servings of fruit and four-five portions of vegetables will do the trick,” says Pooja Makhija, a Mumbai-based nutritionist and author of Eat Delete. As far as the supplementary dosage goes, Makhija says 500 mg is a safe amount to take and since it is water soluble, your body will flush out anything extra.



Low biotin levels are connected to hair fall, so it’s a vital ingredient for long, thick strands. “While eggs, sweet potato, and almonds have biotin, in order to really see results, choose a supplement that contains about 10,000 micrograms,’' says Makhija. Add this to your routine three months before your wedding for the best results.


An easy way to ensure you are getting proper vitamins and minerals is to take a good quality multivitamin. “Pay attention to the instructions and consult your doctor, as some multivitamin supplements should be taken twice a day. Also, avoid gummy vitamins which are a trend right now and contain excess sugar and unhealthy ingredients,” says Makhija. 


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