Expert Approved Products To Get Sobhita Dhulipala's Flawless Look

Makeup artist and hair stylist Clover Wootton tells you how you can get our cover star Sobhita Dhulipala’s natural glow.

An award-winning British makeup artist, Clover Wootton has been a long-time proponent of vegan formulas and brushes. For this month’s cover, she created an effortlessly stylish look for Bollywood actor Sobhita Dhulipala, using cruelty-free products. Wootton shares her tips on how to recreate this look and the secret to healthy skin with Brides Today.

7_012820072151.jpgClover Wootton

Brides Today: How does one replicate Dhulipala’s fuss-free hair and makeup?

Clover Wootton: I wanted beachy waves for her hair so I broke it up into sections with my fingers to give it more texture and volume. Sobhita has beautiful eyes with thick lashes and full brows. Therefore, we kept the makeup natural and dewy with just a subtle tint on her cheeks and lips.

4-_012820072530.jpgChantecaille Lip Chic Lipstick in Camellia, ₹2,730 (approx).

2_012820072639.jpgILIA True Skin Serum Foundation in Texel SF3, ₹4,000 (approx).

BT: What should a bride do to keep her skin healthy and glowing?

CW: Eat well, drink a lot of water, and sleep for at least eight hours at night. Avoid sugar, eat food like avocados, chia seeds, and nuts, which are high in healthy fats. Also, find a great dermatologist and visit them regularly.

5_012820072803.jpgRMS Beauty Eye Polish in Embrace, ₹2,000 (approx).

BT: How does a bride ensure her makeup is flawless during her wedding celebrations?

CW: Understand what kind of skin you have and prepare accordingly. Choose products that suit your skin type—if you have dry skin, don’t over-powder or use mattifying products because it will look blotchy after a couple of hours. If your skin is oily, ensure you aren’t using any oil-based makeup as it will make your skin look shiny throughout the day.

3-_012820073000.jpgKjaer Weis Mascara in Lush Up Volumizing, ₹3,200 (approx).

BT: One feature every bride should focus on?

CW: Everybody loves big, bushy eyebrows.

6_012820073129.jpgSephora Collection One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes in Full Volume, ₹1,400 (approx).

BT: Finally, do you have one word of advice to all brides?

CW: Do not worry about anything at all, just focus on your groom and enjoy it.

1-_012820073253.jpgAné 3 Pack Double Sided Muslin & Microfibre Face Cleansing Cloths, ₹1,400 (approx).


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