Expert-Approved Natural Make-Up Ideas For The Picture-Perfect Bride

It's time to ditch the bold lip and go natural on your wedding day! Makeup artists Vidya Tikari, Loveleen Ramchandani, Manjari Malik and Ashima Kapoor talk about the shifting trend in bridal makeup. 

It's definitely not easy being a bride-to-be. All the way from planning the decor for your big day, to the food and drinks served to your guests, or the latest Bollywood music the DJ plays on the dance floor, you must be on it. But for every bride, one of the most important aspects of her wedding is how she will look on her big day. Choosing the correct makeup artist and making sure that both of you are on the same page, is of outmost significance. Brides Today spoke to some expert makeup artists regarding the upcoming shift in the trend towards natural bridal makeup. 

While going bold and beautiful with your makeup on your big day is appreciated by all, some brides prefer to keep it natural and toned-down. Both preferences work perfectly for the traditional bride and are a personal choice. But it must be duly noted that natural beauty deserves to stand out. In order to enhance the facial features and subtle nuances of your beauty, there is no better way to go than natural. Ideal for ensuring longevity and minimal skin damage, some experts have voiced their opinion on the shifting trend, along with suggesting some ways to achieve the natural bridal look. 


As emphasised by makeup artist, Loveleen Ramchandani, "Brides are understanding the trend of less is more." Surely pancaking the face and applying an abundance of makeup is avoided by most brides these days. "Brides today are shifting back to looking like themselves", says Ashima Kapoor, while speaking on this sudden trend. Makeup artist Vidya Tikari states that, "There’s been a drastic shift since Anushka Sharma’s wedding. Brides want a more radiant, contoured and snatched face, rather than an abundance of colour and glitter. Everything is more about enhancing the existing beauty by just the right amount of glamour in it."

It cannot be denied that every bride wants to look their best on their special day. And there is no better way to do so, than being yourself and looking yourself. Moreover, it is extremely essential to get perfectly flawless wedding pictures as well right? 

Luckily, these experts have extended a helping hand to get brides to look their natural best on their big day. 


According to Loveleen Ramchandani, if a bride is looking to get a natural look for her wedding day, it is important to get a few skin treatments 15 days prior to the wedding. Even if the bride doesn't suffer from skin problems, one must consider going in for a few brightening sessions. On the other hand, if the bride experiences skin ailments or has acne-prone skin, it is advisable to visit the dermatologist a few months prior to the D-day.


Makeup artist Vidya Tikari recommends that brides should choose colours that are closer to their respective skin tone, and should make sure that the products are in silky finish (not too matte and not too shimmer-based). Ashima Kapoor adds on by suggesting brides to use "flushed colours for the cheeks, minimal eyeshadow, lots of mascara, and their choice of lip colour depending on the outfit." She claims that "Blend is your best friend to keep it looking natural." Manjari Malik also suggests that the bride should use a lip and cheek stain to get rosy, flushed cheeks, along with natural looking fake eyelashes. 


Ashima Kapoor shares some quick and easy makeup tips. She advises brides to keep their skin hydrated by using a face mask. For a natural look, the utilisation of foundation must be minimal and dewy, allowing the skin to bring out it's natural glow. 

Besides all this, it is also very important to get a makeup artist who understands your requirements as well as your skin. Opting for a natural look is all about enhancing your skin and bringing forward your best feature. "Avoid product overload in trying to cover every little imperfection and blend well with a damp beauty blender. This will help in achieving glowy and dewy skin", says makeup artist Manjari Malik. 


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