Easy, Last Minute Hairstyles When You are Running Late

You can do these super-easy hairstyles in under 10 minutes!

How many times you have wished you had an easy hairstyle to fall back on during the mad rush of snoozed alarms and “I am almost there” texts?What if we told you there are a bevy of hairstyles that will take under 10 minutes and give you an instant makeover?  We asked Apurva Chaudhari, Schwarzkopf Professional hair expert to share some easy hairstyles that you can pull off in a jiffy. Scroll down to find out more

Quick Soft Curls

This is the quickest way to achieve soft curls or add some texture to the hair. Spray the hair with Osis+ Flatliner to protect the hair from heat. Divide the hair into two parts. Grab random sections and start curling using the tong. Curl the hair in a clockwise manner on the right side and, in an anticlockwise on the left side.

Sleek Straight hair

Do not underestimate the power of sleek, smooth, shiny hair. Spray the hair with a heat protector. Take small sections of hair and start ironing using a flatiron. Make sure to turn the hair ends inwards. Finish with Osis+ Sparkler to add shine.

Glamourous wet look

If you decide to take a last minute shower before heading out, fret not. Wet hair can look as glam as any other hair. On towel dried hair, generously apply a styling mousse, root to tip. Work it in and scrunch the hair. Let the hair air dry. If you want to add volume to the roots, use a blow dryer on low speed and only blow on the roots while lifting them.

Side flat bun

Spray the hair with Osis+ Session label Flex, to control flyways while styling. Make a loopy ponytail and secure with an elastic. Secure the end of the ponytail with another elastic. Now, wrap the remaining hair on the created loop and secure using bobby pins.

All photos courtesy Schwarzkopf


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