Derm-Approved Home Remedies and 'Dont's' For Glowing Skin

Celebrity Dermatologist, Dr Jaishree Sharad shares the skincare do's and don'ts', while prepping for your D-day.

As a bride, you sure desire fabulously flawless skin. But how to achieve it? Contrary to popular belief, expensive (and sometimes invasive) skin treatments don't necessarily result in gorgeous, glowing skin. More often than not, it's the kitchen ingredients and generation-old home remedies that do the trick! From an ubtan to a DIY fruit face-pack, here are two derm-approved home remedies that you ought to try out.


1. Prepare fresh cucumber juice and keep it in the freezer for 15 minutes. Following this, place the chilled cucumber juice, soaked in a soft cotton ball/pad, under the eyes. Cucumber juice contains Ascorbic Acid Oxidase, which makes it a good astringent. Hence, it soothes the skin, reduces puffiness, and makes dark circles appear less prominent too!

2. Take a small piece of ripe papaya and a quarter of a cucumber. Puree both these ingredients and add a tablespoon of yogurt. Refrigerate this mixture for an hour for it to thicken. Post refrigeration, apply this paste to your face and neck. Leave it on for approximately 15 minutes and wash. Papain, the main enzyme in papaya, dissolves the dead skin cells and works as an antibacterial to fight infection. Say hello to a radiant glow!

While there is a lot you can do for naturally glowing skin, once in a while, you must step back and carefully evaluate whether or not those practices are actually benefiting you. When it comes to skincare, sometimes the 'less is more' principle does more good than harm. To help you be the beautiful bride you wish to be, Dr Jaishree Sharad shares her skincare 'don'ts' list. Take note.

1. If you suffer from oily or acne prone skin, avoid facials and massages. Facials may stimulate sebaceous glands, clog pores, and cause whiteheads and blackheads (and no you don't want a zit on your wedding day). Alternatively, you could opt for skin polishing or laser photo-rejuvenation.

2. You must avoid bleaching just before your wedding. Do a trial at least 8 weeks before the wedding, and see if the process suits your skin. If it works for you, you could repeat it just a week before the wedding.

3. Avoid waxing, threading, and plucking, especially if you're prone to in-growths. Alternatively, opt for laser hair removal instead.

4. Be sure to avoid makeup products which are more than 6 months old, or belong to unknown companies. You must also avoid taking new makeup products for a test run, lest you develop an allergy or rash at the last moment. If you have at least two weeks in hand, any allergy can be taken care of.

5. Stay away from crash-dieting or following a highly extreme diet plan. This may cause your hemoglobin, vitamins and protein levels to drop down. The result? Hair fall, brittle nails and dull, dehydrated skin. If you want to lose a few kilos, here or there, follow a renowned nutritionist’s weight loss diet.

"What is most important is to stay happy and keep smiling. Your skin will look even more fresh and radiant when you are happy from within!," says Dr Jaishree.


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