Check Out These Trendy Bridal Mehendi Designs For Every Bride

Bridal mehendi designs for different occasions. Take your pick!

The mehendi ceremony is the most fun-filled function before the wedding. People dance, drink, eat and enjoy the whole evening with the bride. Guests deck up their hands with henna designs with the bride's henna design taking centre stage. If you're bored of the regular mehendi designs doing the rounds in the wedding sphere, check out these cool new intricate ones.

1. Traditional mehendi designs

00647ff15ebec58a7f129b72366ef809_061318045903.jpgImage source: Pinterest

1a07e88c9460a9bb3f4982a3afd570b0_061318045917.jpgImage source: Pinterest

880844486612c3f1843c4edec45aa8ac_061318045931.jpgImage source: Pinterest

2. Designs for the minimalist bride

706e48d46fbd5b5d4372f4799875df51_061318045944.jpgImage source: Pinterest

296285f1876b23637e6ca79ac3917a2c_061318045954.jpgImage source: Pinterest

c8d601b7acfec707c7c2475122d8657b_061318050005.jpgImage source: Pinterest

3. Glitter mehendi designs

7e329ec1e193c6e99268cbc6e7ee1cb1_061318050016.jpgImage source: Pinterest

adf84681b585cd57c448fb34412a7733_061318050027.jpgImage source: Pinterest

6d3c80cc0f236f6be575b12229dfaf27_061318050041.jpgImage source: Pinterest

4. White mehendi

8784efebf2296c70b2763e8ae44d890b_061318050053.jpgImage source: Pinterest

bff7d3f0bfab52b9a311ffb4f2dd4c77_061318050124.jpgImage source: Pinterest

c24e61f21f7dbe6fa793260fb3c947f3_061318050136.jpgImage source: Pinterest

Have you decided your perfect bridal mehendi design yet?

Assisted by Shivika Paliwal.


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