Brides, Get Your Glow On!

The go-to makeup whiz for millennial celebrities, Patrick Ta, global colour artist for Shiseido, shares invaluable advice for brides-to-be.

Q: You’ve worked with a conglomerate of celebrities. Tell us a few things that a bride-to-be can borrow from their makeup routine.

Always, always, start with moisturising so your skin is well-hydrated before applying any makeup. This will help the makeup look natural and fresh throughout the day.

Q: Who is your muse?

It’s so hard to choose but, to pick one, I’d have to say [actor] Shay Mitchell because she loves makeup just as much as I do. We always have so much fun while glamming and always tell each other about new amazing products.

Q: Quick tips for prepping skin for makeup?

Always exfoliate, fully moisturise, and never forget the lip balm!

Q: What are the three makeup rules everyone should adopt?

Less coverage is always the best. Twirl your lashes with the Shiseido Eye Lash Curler—it’s best in class—to enhance lashes. And, always use two setting sprays: I like to spritz a dewy-finish spray around the face perimeter and, to control oil production, a matte-finish one in the centre.

Q: Give us a trick for getting the right combination of hues for a full look.

I love anything monochromatic. When choosing colours for your makeup, make sure they always correspond with each other and have a meaning. For example, if choosing a warm, brown eyeshadow, make sure you pick a blush lip combo in peachy-warm, brown tones. I always apply a wash of the blush colour on the eyes to really tie it all together.

Q: An Indian bride accessorises heavily. How can she ensure her face doesn’t fade away amidst all the glitz?

Use tones that match the accessories, ensuring all parts of the look match each other. If both the jewellery and ensemble are strong, then choose one feature— eyes or the lips—to make a statement and use that as a pop to marry all three together.

Q: Things a bride-to-be should keep in mind before selecting her makeup artist?

Make sure to always research, have a vision, and know what’s best for your look! Once you’ve established those three major keys, select an artist who will accomplish that and always have a trial before your wedding!


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