Best Beauty Treatments in Delhi

When you're the one getting married, the pressure to look good is on. The best way to be ready for this is to take some time out to pamper yourself a few days before the big day. Here's a list of derma-clinics and spas we suggest for you to keep your skin up to the mark. 


One of India’s leading clinics, Aayna Clinic was established by Dr Simal Soin as the one-stop destination for all dermatology or cosmetic needs. One of their finest treatments is the Hydrafacial. It regulates the skin cycle to stop it from looking dull because of environmental stress and dead skin build-up.


This treatment involves exfoliation, acid peels, and vortex suction to extract dirt and peel off layers of dead skin deposits. It ends with hydration using antioxidant and hyaluronic acid for nourishment. Paired with the Facial rejuvenation treatment, this works as a brilliant treatment for acne, pigmentation concerns and sensitive skin. 

hydrafacial-at-aayna_083019052050.jpgHydrafacial at Aayna Clinic

Club Olympus at Hyatt Regency Delhi

Club Olympus is known for being a paradise for people trying to escape from the city rush, with exemplary services and caring staff.

Philippine Hilot

This treatment is a style of therapeutic massage, originating from Filipino Healing techniques, mainly focused on joints, ligaments and major tissues in the body. It uses manipulative techniques to treat dislocated joints, relieve joint pain and heal ligament tears. It uses warm banana leaves, virgin coconut oil and hilot balm, traditionally used to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal ailments.

club-olympus-at-hyatt-regency-delhi_083019052205.jpgClub Olympus at Hyatt Regency Delhi

Noir Salon at The Chanakya

Polished and trendy, the Noir Salon is a class apart, specialised in bespoke services like hair spas, Kera therapy, intensive nourishment etc.

noir-spa-chanakya_083019052251.jpgNoir Spa at The Chanakya

Kerastase Extentioniste Ritual Hair Spa

This treatment is best for frizzy, dehydrated hair or hair that has undergone colouring, bleaching and other hair treatments. The products by Kerastase take care of your hair right from the roots to the ends. This ritual starts with shampooing, two nutrition-pumped creams, followed by a massage, hot towel wrap, and rinse and ends with the scalp and hair serum. 

Medlinks Delhi

MedLinks was founded by AIIMS alumnus Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi and Dr Gaurang Krishna with a vision to set up a world-class facility to provide advanced aesthetic treatments and hair transplants for aesthetic dermatology and hair transplants in India and abroad.

Face 360

One of their most popular treatments is the Face 360, which is a doctor-led service for the face and neck to completely makeover the person, making them look decades younger. It’s a combination of soft-tissue fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and suspension threads, which reshapes and re-volumizes the face and helps restore ideal facial proportions. By correcting sagging of the face and neck, reducing double chin and defining the jawline, it gives the face a leaner and lifted look. A single-sitting treatment, it gives results, which are comparable to or better than surgical facelifts and lasts a few years, with minimally invasive treatment and downtime, and no side effects.

face-360-at-medlinks_083019052447.pngFace 360 at Medlinks


The Amatrra Spa offers a blend of therapeutic and rejuvenation treatments based on traditional Indian Ayurveda and Oriental spa rituals. They offer and patent exclusive Body & Beauty treatments based on research and experience. This Spa is so exclusive, targeting only the urban elite that memberships are offered solely through invitations.

The Javanese Pride

This treatment ritual is inspired by the Javanese Lulur Ritual, which was originally used to prepare a bride’s skin for the big wedding day. This treatment can be enjoyed individually for some alone time or with your partner, to spend much-needed quality time together. The entire process begins with a foot scrub and clean-up followed by a full-body massage. Next comes the Lulur itself, which is a natural body scrub, traditionally made from saffron mixed with rice flour to remove dead skin buildup. It ends with an aromatic dip in the bathtub while you are served the Jamu, a super elixir drink made of saffron, ginger, tamarind and honey. The result is baby-soft skin and a relaxed and reinvigorated mind and body.

javanese-pride-at-amatrra_083019052519.jpgThe Javanese Pride at Amatrra


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