A 12-Month Beauty Regimen To Start Prepping For Your Big Day

Between finding the perfect venue and choosing between ivory and off-white paper for invites, planning your dream wedding is tough. Here’s the ultimate 12-month regimen to help you feel and look your best on your special day.

9-12 Months Before (Pinterest and Hair)

1) Start Pinning! If Pinterest is your aesthetic indulgence, you probably have loads of pins already, but if you don't, it's time to start now. See what you like, what you think might look good on you and might go with your dress and the overall mood of the wedding. 

2) Get a Stylist and Makeup Artist. More popular artists and stylists are usually booked on months in advance, so it's better to start looking early. Get a trial. It's best to get a trial of your look done early on, so you can work on the final look. 


3) Plan Your Hair. Hair is the biggest detail and it can make or break your wedding day look. Work with your hairstylist and decide on a cut and colour. If it involves growing out your hair a bit and then cutting, this is the best time to start. 

4-6 Months Before (Skin Care and Health)

1) Start Treating Your Skin Right. Visit a dermatologist for a consultation and assess the situation on how to improve your skin. Test out treatments like microdermabrasion or peels now instead of later to prevent last-minute rawness or irritation on your skin. Invest in the right products for a daily skincare routine and follow it religiously. 


2) Take your vitamins. Add some Vitamin B to your diet, (whole grains, lots of seeds, leafy vegetables) for luscious locks and healthier skin and a hair, skin & nails supplement too. 

3) Make A Health Plan. Cut down on sugar and caffeine. Find a regular exercise routine that makes you feel less stressed and more balanced. Last but not least, start drinking lots and lots of water. 


3 Weeks - 3 Months Before (The Fun Is In The Detail)

1) Pick Your Hair Colour. This is a good time to figure out your final hair colour and cut, now that you have reached the right length of hair. Cut your hair and get it coloured around 3 weeks before, so you have time to let it grow into your D-Day hairstyle. 

2) Final Skincare Treatments. If you finalised on a microdermabrasion treatment or peels and facemasks, go for those now. Get those full routines at the spa and give your skin the time it needs to clear up. 


1 Week Before (Zen Mode)

Go Zen. Cut sodium and stay away from alcohol to beat bloating. Eat clean foods to boost metabolism. Stress causes breakouts so do yoga, meditate and enjoy the final stretch. 


A Few Days Before (Primp Up and Pamper)

Friends, Fun and Snooze. Get a gel Mani/Pedi that will last through all your events. Spend time with your BFFs and steam, relax, get a massage. Go for one final soothing facial to help plump, soothe and hydrate your skin. Catch up all the sleep you've been missing while planning the wedding. 


The Big Day

This Is Your Day, Live It. Take 10 minutes, meditate, talk to your partner, and remind yourself why you're doing this. Try gentle exfoliation, moisturise well, and relax. Eat something and keep sipping on water. 



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