8 No-fail Tricks to Make your Lipstick Last Longer

Celebrity makeup artist, Namrata Soni, gives you insider tips on how to make the lipstick last

This festive season, where bingeing becomes a norm, it's a given that you would worry about your lipstick lasting through it all. You could fall-back  on a long stay lipstick but do not forget that most of these transfer resist lipsticks are matte and will dry out your lips. The other way out is to follow a few hacks suggested by Namrata Soni, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Simply Nam. You can wear your favourite shades and stop worrying about how to make them last.

Namrata recommends the following ways to ensure that that your lipstick lasts much longer and you have a stress and touch up freeday.

1. If you have used a creamy lipstick with the shade that you would prefer, take a tissue paper and apply it over your lips and brush it with a little bit of powder. This allows that creamy formulation to set and you would be good to go. You go-to-hack for a long lasting lipstick.

2. Always use a brush for application. It allows u to evenly apply the lipstick all over the lips

3. Use a nude lip liner to prevent smudging of the lipstick. Outline your lips and then fill it up completely with the lips liner and then apply your lipstick.

4. Use a Semi Matte or a long lasting formulation; something that will not allow your lips to go very dry but at the same time the colour will speak volumes and would add to your look. 'At Simply Nam, we have launched six new liquid matte lipsticks, made keeping in mind all undertones--warm, cool and neutral. Infused with jojoba oil and argan oil, it is the perfect hydrating and weightless formulation that you could try,' says Namrata.

5. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips. Flaky, dry lips would never
allow lipstick to stay put.

6. Another easy way of making sure your lipstick lasts longer is to use a good quality lipstick or lip pencil. Use a lip pencil all over your lips and then line them completely and not just the outline. Follow it up with a then lip balm and use the Simply Nam lipstick which will make sure that the colour pay off is amazing and the product lasts for the entire duration.

7. An alternate way to make sure your lipstick lasts longer is to make sure you have well hydrated and well moisturized lips. Make sure that you use a really good quality lip oil or good hydrating lip balm. Use a sleeping mask on your lips the night before if you are someone who has extremely dry lips, this really helps in allowing the lipstick to stay much longer. Hydration is the answer to most of your problems!

8. Last but not the least another way to ensure your lipstick lasts long is to apply one layer and take a little bit of loose powder or compact powder with a brush, pat it on to your lips and press your lips on to a tissue paper and then re-apply a second layer and then again follow the same steps. This will ensure that your lipstick lasts onger even after you eat and drink.


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