8 Beauty Blunders That Are Ageing You Faster

Pigmentation, fine-lines and age spots ruining your look? You might just stumble upon what you're doing wrong.

Do you tend over-cleanse to get rid of the day’s grime? Applying a layer or two too much foundation to conceal those blemishes? How often do you skip on the sunscreen before stepping out? These are some of the many beauty blunders you make day in, day out. While they may seem trivial, they certainly are doing more harm to your skin than you ever imagined.

Here is where experts including Dr Jaishree Sharad - Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr Kiran Lohia - Isya Aesthetics and Dr Rinky Kapoor – Cosmetic Dermatologist, step in to give you a helping hand. These renowned skincare experts reveal the most common beauty blunders that are ageing your faster than ever. Want to put an end to this? Tune in.

Please Don’t Skip On the Sunscreen

Often overlooked, however, the leading cause of skin ageing is sun exposure. Lack of proper protection from the sun can invite unwanted signs of premature ageing such as pigmentation, wrinkles, fine-lines, age spots and rough skin. Thereby, one must remember to regularly apply and re-apply a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen, especially when stepping out.

Over-Exfoliation, You Don’t Want To Be Doing

Did you know that there ever was a thing such as over-cleansing and over-exfoliation? Yes, there is. So STOP DOING IT. Over exfoliation and cleansing can disrupt the skin’s natural oil production, making it dry and itchy. If you lose your glow overnight, blame it on the over-doing.

Compromising on Your Beauty Sleep

Getting your eight hours of essential sleep, overrated they say. However, it certainly isn’t. Do sleep well, eat right and take care of your skin by constantly boosting hydration. It is also advisable to avoid extreme temperatures.  Sleep, eat (healthy), repeat, and your skin will thank you in ten years from now.

Wash In the AM and PM

Washing your face twice a day, in the morning and at night, is essential and also enough. If you do not wash your face in the morning, it doesn’t get the chance to breath. Similarly, skipping on the cleanse before hitting the bed will allow free radicals in the atmosphere to stick to the skin, disrupting its collagen production. Also, when it comes to cleansing, make sure you’re doing it correctly.  Massage it on your skin in gentle, circular motions and rinse well with water afterwards.

Too Much Touch Up

Touching up your make way too often traps the toxic pollutants in the skin, leading to blemishes and skin damage. So make sure to give your skin a break from the makeup once in a while.

Opting For the Wrong Skincare Products

How do you know if the skincare product you invested in is right for your skin? For example, if you use a mattifying product on dry skin, it will only dry it out further, leaving your skin looking dull, dehydrated, and tired. Similarly, using over-creamy products on naturally oily skin will only make it worse.

Don’t Play Tug Of War with Your Skin

Tugging, pulling, and scratching your skin can break its elasticity, leading to sagging and early onset of fine-lines.

Don’t Wait Too Late

Caring for the skin needn’t begin after you reach a certain age. It is after not following a proper skincare routine post the age of 25, when ageing of the skin starts to accelerate. So there’s no harm in starting early! While pampering your face, do not forget to tend to the neck and décolletage area as well.


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