5 Minutes With Janhvi Kapoor

We talk to Janhvi Kapoor, Benetton Perfumes’s newest global brand ambassador, about all things fragrance.


Brides Today: What is the first memory of a fragrance that you have?

Janhvi Kapoor: The smell of mogra flowers around my house in Chennai.

BT: What type of scent do you gravitate towards?

JK: Magnolia, jasmine, and vanilla are my favourite notes, and this perfume contains it all.

BT: Which family of fragrances would you choose if you were getting married?

JK: It would have to be florals.

BT: How would you describe your overall beauty style?

JK: I always prefer less makeup.

BT: How does it feel to be Benetton’s new global brand ambassador?

JK: It feels really great. I remember shopping at the store here in Mumbai with my family when I was younger. I love everything that the brand stands for.



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