A Luxe Lip-Care Routine For Smoother Lips

While skincare tops the list with respect to a pre-bridal beauty regime, lip care is equally important. Dr Simal Soin, Aayna Clinic and Dr Geetika Mittal, Isaac Wellness, tell us how to keep our lips healthy and hydrated. 

It is extremely important for brides to adopt a holistic approach when it comes to beauty and self-care. Dr Geetika Mittal states that, "Our lips do not have the same concentration of oil glands as compared to our skin." Constantly exposed to environmental factors such as dry air, UV damage, lip licking, cosmetics, and cold weather, it becomes increasingly important for us to take good care of our lips.

Brides should take as much care of their lips, as they do of their skin. Exfoliation, protection and moisturisation are the key elements of this lip care process.


According to Dr Geetika Mittal, the initial step should involve making use of a good lip scrub to avoid dry lips. A store-bought lip scrub or a DIY lip scrub, composed of essential constituents such as brown sugar, honey and rosewater must be used.


You don't want to be suffering from flaky lips on your big day, do you? In order to avoid such a disaster, it is important that you exfoliate the lips gently, advocates Dr Geetika Mittal


Dr Geetika Mittal also informs us that there aren't only face masks out there, but lip masks too! (like Laneige). These can be used during the night, especially if you wear matte lipsticks very often or expose your lips to harmful makeup products.


Emollients are central to a successful skincare routine and play a key role in the day-to-day treatment of dry and itchy skin. They are primarily responsible for softening and hydrating the lips. While Dr Geetika Mittal advocates choosing lip products such as lipsticks or lip glosses, which are composed of emollients, Dr Simal Soin persists that lip balms which have soothing and enriching properties of vitamin E, almond oil, shea butter and/or healing properties of aloe vera, must be utilised. Additionally, to shield the lips from sun damage, an SPF protection must be relied upon.


"Treatments like plump lips help in hydrating and plumping up lips. It works by infusing hyaluronic acid via micro channels", states Dr Geetika Mittal. Self-care must be a top priority for all brides-to-be. Since our lips are extremely sensitive and susceptible to damage, it becomes our responsibility to take precautionary steps towards protecting them. 


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