4 Basic Hair Styling Hacks Every Bride Should Know

From mastering bangs to taming stubborn curls, Akshata Honawar, National Hair Expert at VLCC tells you how to have a good hair day, everyday.

It's no news that good hair days don't come by very often; once in a blue moon, if we may. From stubborn frizz to unkempt bangs, we struggle to cope with hair woes that arrive uninvited with every season change!

But wait up, there is most certainly a way around these hair troubles. National Hair Expert at VLCC, Akshata Honawar shares the cardinal tips and tricks up her sleeve, that EVERY girl must know.

Calm Down the Frizz

The sultry, humid weather often brings with it frizzy hair, in abundance. 'To avoid the faux pas, use a styling cream such as the LOreal Professionnel Tecni Art Smooth Liss Control Gel Cream and apply it evenly across damp hair,' says Akshata. 'Following this, divide your hair into two or four equal parts, twisting it up and tying it in a bun. Maintain the hair buns till your hair is completely dry or you could keep it on overnight as well,' she adds. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised in the morning with gorgeous, frizz-free waves that can be styled further!

1_122920012840.jpgLOreal Professionnel Tecni Art Smooth Liss Control Gel Cream, Rs. 575 (available on Nykaa)

Bring Back the 50s Bouffant

Thebouffant first surfaced in the 1950s, reflecting a return to big hair for women following a period of plain wartime styles. The trend picked up such that the hairstyle holds prominence even today! 'While back-combing your hair does help you get a bouffant, a pre-prepped one will definitely last you longer. The trick is to work on the hair while still wet. Apply some mousse or a texture spray such as the LOreal Professionnel Tecni Art Next Day Hair Spray to the front sections of the hair. Half-dry your hair and put in a few velcro rollers, one behind the other. Cover it with a net or a cap. Alternatively, you could leave your hair open, in which case use a little hair spray to avoid fly-aways. Open up the rollers when it's time to get ready and you’ll have just the right volume for your bouffant,' says Akshata.

2_122920013229.jpg LOreal Professionnel Tecni Art Next Day Hair Spray, Rs. 2,100 (approx)

Add Texture to Flat Hair

In case you suffer from flat, drab tresses, its advisable to prep your hair the night before. 'Before you hit the bed, make use of a styling cream or a little mousse, and braid your hair into one or many braids. The number of braids will decide the amount of texture; the more the braids, the more the volume. Just when it’s showtime, open up your braided locks and make use of a hair spray to maintain the achieved texture. Now, you can twist the front, braid a hair band like Deepika, or even add a bouffant!' informs Akshata.

A Picture-Perfect Fringe

We've all been through that phase where we experimented with bangs. But if we may ask, how often did you manage to get it right? 'There are several types of fringes, given the differing growth patterns in the front of the hairline. To work with these patterns, we have to flatten and clip down our hair while still wet, and wait till it dries completely. This method works particularly very well for side fringes. For those of you who have heavy or choppy front bangs, try placing a roller in, while your hair is still drying,' suggests Akshata.


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