6 Dermat-Approved Ways to Get Kissable Lips in Time For Valentine's Day

Get softer, smoother and fuller lips with these easy tips

Valentine's Day is on Sunday, are you ready tp pucker up? If winter has left you with dry and chapped lips, there's still time to work on that pout for the romantic day. We spoke to Dr Niketa Sonavane, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Ambrosia Aesthetics, to share tips on getting pucker-worthy lips in no time. 'The skin of your lips is is very different than the skin over rest of your body. For starters, it is extremely thin. And it has no oil glands or sweat glands. Which means that lips have no hydration mechanism of their own! This is the reason why you should pamper your lips more than the rest of your face. Especially when they are exposed to cold and drying winter air,' says Dr Niketa. FIY, lip colours on smoother lips look more vibrant and richer. So read on.

1. Switch to an organic lip balm.

Dr Niketa explains, why organic lip balms should be a constant in your lip care kit. 'Over the counter lip balms contain ingredients such as petroleum jelly and silicones. Besides this, they contain artificial fragrance, colourants and preservatives. These ingredients often aggravate dry lips instead of healing them,' she says. On the other hand, organic lip balms use natural ingredients such as beeswax, nut butter and Vitamin E. These provide moisture and nourishment to your lips. Organic ingredients are gentle and can quickly heal chapped lips.

2. Avoid matte lipsticks.

Matte lipsticks have more pigment and wax, but they have less oil. This is what gives you the rich colour pay off. 'However, the lack of emollient oils make them very drying on the lips. Try switching to a creamy lipstick, lip balm or tinted lip oil through the winter season,' adds Dr Niketa. If you must use a matte lippy then apply lots of organic lip balm before hand.

3. Clean your lip makeup before sleeping.

Lip makeup contains artificial dyes and fragrance. If you leave your lip makeup on overnight, you're surely in for cracked lips. 'The skin of your lips needs to breathe and renew over night. This can't happen when you have long wear lipstick on them,' says Dr Niketa. Clean your lips with micellar water as a part of your night time routine. Bonus points if you swipe some organic ghee or lip balm on them before you hit the bed.

lip care

4. Try a home made lip scrub.

So far we're making it our agenda to minimize chemical contact with our lips. Then why not take it a step ahead and whip up a DIY lip scrub? Dr Niketa suggests, you powder some oats in the mixer. Take 1 teaspoon of oats powder and add half teaspoon each of milk, honey and ghee. Make it into a thick paste. Use this as a lip scrub once or twice a week. All these ingredients moisturise your lips, nourish them and also remove dead skin cells.

5. Start vitamin supplements.

While you are chasing all the external causes of chapped lips in winter, the problem could in fact be internal. 'Deficiency of vitamin B can cause chapped lips and cuts at the corners of your mouth. This is called 'chelitis'. You can visit your dermatologist to get some diagnostic tests. If you do have a deficiency, then your dermat can start you on some prescription strength vitamins to solve the problem,' adds Dr Niketa.

6. HA skin boosters

If all else has failed, and your lips are still fighting you, then Dr Niketa recommends having hyaluronic acid skin boosters. This clinical procedure is designed to give your lips a serious dose of hydration from within. 'Think of it as a moisturiser that is injected into your skin. Once it's in there, it keeps working for up to a year,' she adds.


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