Indian Jewellery Brands Changing The Hair Accessories Space

Bored of all the traditional designs in bridal hair jewellery? Here are a few handpicked hair accessories by Indian brands to look radiant while breaking rules!

India is shining when it comes to jewellery design, from couture jewellery designers to offbeat brands, we have it all. 

We give you our favourites from an array of contemporary brands, especially for the unconventional bride.

1. Misho 

The Sunburst Bun Holder by Misho is a part of their Signatures collection, a collection made of statement pieces and modern must-haves. 

misho_sunburst-bun-holder_082919065148.jpgSunburst Bun Holder by Misho

2. Outhouse Jewellery

The Jardin De Paradis Hair Chain Earcuff by Outhouse is artisanal finesse personified with its intricate designs and the perfect contrast of rose gold and jade. 

jardin-de-paradis-ear-cuff-and-hair-pin_082919071107.jpgJardin de Paradis Hairchain Earcuff by Outhouse

3. Valliyan

The Historical Headband by Valliyan is from their Not So Holier Than Thou collection. Handmade with Swarovski Crystals, acrylic, glass and Semi-Precious Stones, it has a signature one-of-a-kind aesthetic. 

historical_headband-not-so-holier-than-thou_082919071153.jpgHistorical Headband by Valliyan

4. JewelSaga

The Brides and Bridesmaids Maang Tika by JewelSaga is a spin on the traditional Maang Tika being an amalgam of drama, feminity and surrealism.

jewel-saga_brides-and-bridesmaids-collection_082919071223.jpgBrides and Bridesmaids Maang Tika

5. Roma Narsinghani

The Star Spiral Hair Bun Holder by Roma Narsinghani is a minimal and classy way to elevate any updo, best suited for brides who like to make a statement with their jewellery.

roma-narsinghani_082919071956.jpgStar Spiral Bun Holder by Roma Narsinghani

6. Shaya by Caratlane

The Mauj Head Harness by Shaya is handmade out of synthetic corals, Mother of Pearl and freshwater pearls, on-trend with this year's Pantone Colour and a fun easy way to enhance your Sangeet or Mehendi hairdo. 

mauj-head-harness_shaya-by-caratlane_082919071316.jpgMauj Head Harness by Shaya


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