Discreet and Dazzling: Jewellery Designers Who Are Breaking the Boundaries of Design in India

From medieval to modern, fulfill your costume jewellery wishes with these precious picks. 

Lead Image: Arjun Mark


Lead by creative director Suhani Parekh, MISHO'S pieces are inspired by an accumulation of ideas from her interactions with contemporary art and the various architectural styles of the cities she has travelled to and lived in.

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Combining their talents, Jay Lakhani and Deepa Gurnani, created a line of unique and distinctive embroidered accessories, which continues to amaze, and inspire fans, season after season.

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A collaboration of sisters Mamta and Vidhi Gupta, avant-garde yet classic in inspiration – Zariin designs eclectic, bold, and sophisticated pieces that are built around each stone.

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This jewellery label’s handcrafted pieces strike an intriguing balance between form and function, with heritage and geometry often playing muse.

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Studio Metallurgy draws from industrial design which is synonymous with precision and accuracy, sharp finishes and clean lines. The thrust on impeccable finishing ensures that each piece is one of it's kind, making it a 'collectible object d'art'.

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Outhouse thrives on constantly pushing the envelope with design, and redefining how fashion jewellery is created and adorned. Every piece aims to be a piece of art, a style statement and a conversation starter, which embodies a bit of culture and heritage, and also the the soul of the Outhouse woman.

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Vasundhara Mantri has created this experimental collection through an exploration of materials, ideas and the self. Each piece unique. Each piece hand-created. Each piece a work of wearable art.

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She carries a recognizably profound prowess for jewelry designing which can be distinctly seen through her splendid gamut of work. From what started out as a great idea of giving the traditional Punjabi Kaleeras a unique and fresh perspective, she barely saw all the fame coming her way.


Mumbai based jewellery designer Malvika Vaswani seems to have driven her inspiration from the traditional geometric design fused with unique colour palettes. From edgy earrings to chokers and rings, here you can find all kinds of statement jewellery.

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Based in Mumbai, Nitya Arora’s Valliyan is a brand that gives Indian designs, a contemporary, quirky twist. She works with semi precious stones, glass, crystals and much more to create statement jewellery that you just won’t be able to resist.

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