Age of Opulence: the Luxurious Art of Decorating the Body, Using Traditional Jewellery

BrideTodayDigitalExclusive: We celebrate the traditional Indian bride as she slips in the various shades of passion bedecked in historical weaves and regal ornaments. 

Photographer: Hormis Antony Tharakan. Fashion Editor: Shaurya Athley.


brides-today-digital0105_072919070457.jpgSari, Bageecha. Nath and kamarbandh, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers, Bajubandh and earrings, Shri Paramani Jewels. Bangle, ring, and hair accessory Purab Paschim.

brides-today-digital0131_072919070627.jpgMathapatti, Khanna Jewellers. Nath and earrings, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers. Necklace, Sri Paramani Jewels. Bajubadh, RK Jewellers. Bangles (on right), Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewellery. Bangles (on left), Khanna Jewellers. Hathphool, RK Jewellers. Payal, Purab Paschim. Sari, Ekaya.

brides-today-digital0389_072919070655.jpgBlouse, Anju Modi. Nath, Earrings, Necklace, hathphool and bangle (on top), Khanna Jewellers. Ring, Shri Paramani Jewels.

brides-today-digital0565_072919070807.jpgSari, Ekaya. Necklace (on top), Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewels. Necklace (bottom), Shri Paramani Jewels. Bajubandhs, RK Jewels. Bangles, Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewels. Rings, RK Jewellers. Earrings, Khanna Jewellers.

brides-today-digital0643_072919070831.jpgDupatta, Manish Malhotra. Bangles, Khanna Jewellers. Ring, Shri Paramani Jewels.

brides-today-digital0776_072919071035.jpgMirror, Fabindia. Nath, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers. Earrings, Latique.

brides-today-digital0972_072919071054.jpgBlouse, Anju Modi. Earrings, Latique. Maangtika, Purab Paschim. Rings, Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewels (right) and Khanna Jewellers (left). Necklaces, Shro Paramani Jewels (top) and Khanna Jewellers (all others).

brides-today-digital1096_072919071116.jpgPants and Sari, Kshitij Jalori Bangles, Khanna Jewellers. Kamarbandh, Purab Paschim. Bajubandh, RK Jewellers.



Photographer: Hormis Antony Thrakan; model: Lakshmi Rana; HMU: Savleen Manchanda; Fashion Editor: Shaurya Athley; Assistants: Grace Soni and Sanah Changakakoti; production: Maison Talent Production. 


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