5 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow For The Love Of Watches

Confused on what watch you need to buy next? These Instagram accounts are the ultimate go-to for first hand information on all the best timepieces around. We love them for their quick wit, fantastic shoots, innovative take, and access to never-seen-before facts about the wonderful world of horology.  

Although there are many accounts out there, sometimes even a portal like Instagram can leave one in a tizzy, specially when you are trying to gain information and not just double tap on an image you love. So, here is a breakdown of 5 of the most noteworthy handles that you absolutely must follow for everything watch related.  

1. Ablogtowatch


The absolutely MEGA Bovet 1822 Astérium tourbillon on the wrist. #bovet #tourbillon #womw #ablogtowatch

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Apart from being one of the most popular Instagram accounts and website about horology out there, they have complete authority when it comes to giving information about timepieces first hand. Their readers include connoisseurs, collectors, and watch brands from around the globe.

2. @Watchanish


I Roll Like a Boss 😎 @sevenfriday

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Being the pioneer of bridging the gap between social media and the watch industry, this account is a must-follow when it comes to your Insta list. His quirky yet fun take on all things timepieces is almost contagious.  

3. @SJXwatches


The awesome @singerreimagined Track 1 chronograph powered by the ingenious calibre conceived by Agenhor and @jwiederrecht, one of the best at @dubaiwatchweek.

A post shared by SJX Watches (@sjxwatches) on

Founded in 2011 by Su Jia Xian, better known by his initials SJX. He  is now one of Asia’s leading watch experts and contributes regularly to numerous publications, what's more, he even advises various timepiece brands, auction houses, and collectors. So, the next time you need advice on what watch to purchase and why, you know where to go.

4. @Watchonista


Today on Watchonista, Josh explores the digital side of @dubaiwatchweek and the impact of social media on the next generation of collectors 📸⏱📱 #mydww

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To get your information on every watch event around the world just in time, you must head over to @watchonista. Their modern take on this ageing industry is refreshing and definitely a must-follow. 

5. @Watch_fashionista


Love the chic simplicity of this don’t you??? Happy Friday unknown

A post shared by ! Watch Fashionista (@watch_fashionista) on

Confused on how to pair that beautiful watch you just purchased? Head over to @watch_fashionista to ultimate ideas on making your wrist look lustworthy. 


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