20 Flattering Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

Sunglasses can often be the finishing touch to your outfit at a summer wedding. Because one-size-flatters-all shades are unfortunately not a thing, we've listed down the best sunglasses for every face shape. 

Lead image: Anand Gogoi

Oval Face

Well well, if you have an oval face then you have absolutely nothing to be confused about because your face is bang-on proportionate and everything will suit you. Which means you can experiment as much as you like with fun shapes, colours, and textures. 

lv-oval_070119015826.pngLouis Vuitton

miu-miu-oval_070119015854.pngMiu Miu

jimmy-choo-oval_070119015917.pngJimmy Choo

bottega-veneta-oval_070119015942.pngBottega Veneta

linda-farrow-oval_070119020020.pngLinda Farrow

Round Face

Sunglasses with angular shapes is the go-to option for people with round faces to compensate for the softer edges on your face. Experiment with the shades to compliment your eye-colour. 






Square Face

Forget structural sunglasses because your face has enough angles. Sweeping shapes should be your mantra while selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses to flatter you.


ralph-vaessen-square_070119020631.pngRalph Vaessen


ysl-square_070119020710.jpgSaint Laurent

Triangle/Heart Face

Since sharp and narrow jawlines with broad foreheads define this face shape, details and wider frames are to be stressed upon while selecting a stylish eyepiece.

anna-karin-karlsson-triangle_070119020830.jpgAnna-Karin Karlsson


therry-lasrey-triangle_070119020915.pngThierry Lasry

salvatore-ferragamo-triangle_070119021106.pngSalvatore Ferragamo

karl-lagerfeld-triangle_070119021150.pngKarl Lagerfeld

Assisted by - Sanskriti Sharma 


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